Day One The Insider visits : JA Lake View Hotel – Jebel Ali 

The stunning JA Lake View Hotel is a latest addition to the sprawling JA -The Resort in Jebel Ali since 2019. The architectural design seemingly melds effortlessly into the cultural and topographical landscape around it. The fluidity and flow of material elements of glass, steel and earthy wood transcends serenity and conveys striking beauty.  

Upon arriving, I was immediately awe-struck by the spatial space of the airy atrium where natural sunlight filtered through a Mashrabiya-styled ceiling creating playful shadowed patterns.  From the atrium, your eyes are magnetically drawn towards the golf course and the Arabian Gulf beyond it as all public levels are raised two stories up to advantageously view the surrounding area. The intrinsic design is applied in all feature areas of the hotel, from the atrium, to each of the F&B components flowing continuously from inside out. 

The JA Resorts and Hotels’ astounding sustainability ethos of continually striving to preserve and sustaining the environment by adopting best eco-conscious practices, should excite everyone to get on board. Especially not only for their appealing interior and exterior design aesthetics at the JA Lake View, their top-notch service and endless activities but for their commitment to green tourism aiming for a positive carbon

footprint within the community and all their other properties across the Indian Ocean.. Their sustainability programme includes a majority of products and goods being sourced locally, 95% of chemicals used are certified as biodegradable and eco-friendly. In addition, a large element of the resort water heating system is powered through solar panels. Furthermore, the resort has a reverse osmosis plant that carries out the desalination of sea water, supported by a sewage treatment plant used for the irrigation of the green grounds and Golf Course. 

Equally, how extraordinary and commendable to ensure that not only all their team members are advocates of being environmentally conscious but to also encourage awareness and participation of guests including the local community.

For instance, the emphasis on refreshing linens and towels on the ‘third-day policy’, in-room recycling bins, in-room water is in glass bottles from the hotel’s water filtration unit and their smart-technology rooms. Their regular cleaning up of the beach enlists staff members, the local community and guests to help out. And it doesn’t stop there, they also have a 1,100m2 bio-garden. Any remaining food waste will be repurposed for compost and then reused in the resort’s bio-garden. Here is a question, why on earth would you not want to support/practice and join the JA Resorts and Hotels group and their fundamental principles to protect the environment? For, when you think about it, we did not inherit this earth but we borrowed it from our children.

Every individual 348 guest rooms have balconies facing the pools, golf course and the Arabian Sea. The luxurious suites with terraces and private plunge pools convincingly reaffirm your choice that you made the right decision. All equipped with voice-activated Alexa devices in each room, allowing guests to request services. All you need to do is say “Alexa, ask the hotel for turn-down serviceand it’s done. The resort has three swimming pools conveniently with a swim up bar and one of which is for adults only.  An all-day dining restaurant aptly named 81, paying homage to when the first JA property, JA Beach Hotel was built in 1981.  Rebuplik, a gastropub-lounge is comfortably stylish with glazed folding doors that open up to the hotel’s tiered terrace, a natural continuity extending out. Kinara by Vikas Khanna, Michelin-star Indian restaurant, will awaken your senses through a gastronomical journey of enticing aromas and a kaleidoscope of flavours. And Bibé a rooftop bar, crowning the hotel with views of the water, golf and the whole resort. The orientation of the hotel provides guests with a spectacular view of the Dubai sunset from the rooftop…just glorious.

I am convinced that every minute detail has a purpose…from the plush carpeting in the corridors that seemingly absorbs the tensions from my aching feet as I make my way to my one bedroom suite, the orientation of the building and furniture, seems to be laid out with Fung Sui best practices allowing the sunlight and breeze ebbing and flowing harmoniously into your room when the balcony doors are open. The one bedroom private pool suite envelopes you in relaxation as soon as you walk in. It is the massive terrace with the chaise lounges and plunge pool that beckons with the view onto the golf grounds that makes one sigh with utter contentment. The dining room sits six, the living room with sofa that opens up to a bed and armchairs on either side of it is very inviting. The sliding doors opens up to the bedroom with a king size, down-duvet plump (but firm) bed that makes one want to just fall backwards or forwards onto it. And with shutter style, bi-fold doors that open into the bathroom with the beautiful oval soaker tub luring you to take that much needed bubble bath later, makes one never want to leave. And I just don’t….

I want to relax in this flowing environment that has a connection with nature, it is a luxurious retreat, a peaceful, welcoming sanctuary. 

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