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Spice Route Brunch – Asia Asia

You know this popular venue from Dubai Marina. It has then graced its presence in the capital at the trendy Yas Bay. Now, taking over Business Bay is the third successful location for the ever-green Asia Asia! 

Arriving on the other fun-loving side of the Dubai, Asia Asia has hit the jackpot with its new venue. Spanning views of the bay and rushing natural light accentuating the decor indoors, the list of gorgeous details is endless. Elevated to a few floors high in the Grand Millennium Hotel, the restaurant welcomes guests with a mysterious Buddhist cave aura. Multiple sculptures holding candles at the entrance prompt a walk through the tunnel-like pathway as the space opens up to an alluring bay view. Beautiful golden cages, large Asian-designed bells and other Asian culture inspired sculptures deck the space. The focal point, as every Asia Asia truly has, is the Cherry Blossom Tree right in the center of the space. The venue has gone ahead to have an additional slightly smaller one in another section because who does not love to sit under this iconic tree and enjoy their meal?

The Spice Route Brunch is an extensive culinary journey featuring all favorites from Asia dancing across the menu. Kickstart the Saturday afternoon with specialty beverages such as the team-recommended Watermelon Martini. Served in an elegant champagne saucer glass, this pink drink is easy on the palate. With other house beverages and an option to elevate to sparkling, the cocktails are the perfect preferred welcome as the DJ is warming up. A colorful platter of sushi, nigiri, sashimi and maki rolls is served on a bed of ice. Extend the appetizer diversity to Truffle Salmon Carpaccio, Tuna Ceviche and Beef Tartar. A special shout out to the Mango sauce on the tuna as it adds a surprising sweetness to the ceviche citrus notes. As the plates clear, the team is prompt in bringing in the hot appetizers. Starting with Black Cod Croquettes with miso béchamel sauce, Edamame and a handsome portion of Prawn Tempura in sesame aioli. The Spice Route Brunch spoils you with further more divine dishes of Bao Chicken Katsu, Dim Sum selection, Truffle Beef Yakitori and a sumptuous skewer selection of Chicken Yakitori dowsed with caramelized teriyaki sauce and Asparagus & Mushroom duo in truffle yuzu. The fabulous range of dishes and flavors is an unlimited serving throughout the afternoon. If you thought this the entire menu, brace yourself as these are still just appetizers fighting for favorites in the words written here.

Sink into the lush couches with a bountiful table of bewitching dishes. The generous team constantly makes sure the glasses are refreshed with no watered-down cocktails on the table and checks on feedback to ensure that another round of cold or hot starters can be sprung on the table that pleases the palate. Kudos to the team for attentive and friendly service! Tap your feet to the live violinist and nod your head to a selection of mains that come with large sides. A choice of one dish from a plethora of options is a killer to choose from. Robata Duck with yakisoba vegetables, Kaz Tenderloin Prime with shitake sauce and Lemongrass Prawn with Soba Noodles are all tangled with innovative sauces and spices and are a standout. It is not a Spice Route without the journey towards Thai Red Curry, Malaysian Aubergine with a sesame glaze, Teriyaki Salmon and Miso Black Cod. Make sure the Truffle Fried Rice side dish is part of your experience as it cannot be missed. With ample cuisines spread across the menu, the culinary team does justice to this afternoon’s event. 

The Far Eastern notes on this fantastic Spice Route Brunch are not completed without the dessert platter indulgence. A vibrant sharing plate of Matcha and Chocolate Mochi, Vanilla Cheesecake, Chocolate Matcha Marquise and Mini Banana Tartare is the perfect ending.

Asia Asia has done it again with a successful brunch marking itself as the highlight of your entire weekend. With the weather on the mend, indulge in the Spice Route Brunch with a glamourous table on the terrace to enjoy the music, food, drinks and everything beautiful Dubai offers.

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