Dusty Weather & High Temps in DXB

Dubai is scheduled to hit 45C as the dust brings in the hot weather.

Get ready for a mixed bag of weather fun in the UAE this Thursday! The Meteorological Department promises a blend of fair skies, fluffy clouds, and occasional dust swirls to keep things interesting. So, grab your shades, hold onto your hats, and let’s see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

There’ll be a mystical morning on the eastern coast as low clouds roll in, creating a picturesque scene straight out of a dream. But hold onto your hats because by afternoon, those clouds might just decide to put on a show, turning into convective clouds towards the east. 

It’s a windy affair out there, with breezy southeasterly to northeasterly winds carrying a hint of dust and sand. Speeds will dance between 10 to 20 km/h, but brace yourselves because they might kick up to 35 km/h at times.

Get ready to crank up the air conditioning, because things are also heating up. Coastal areas and inland regions are set to sizzle, with temperatures soaring between a toasty 39 to 45 degrees Celsius. In the bustling cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, thermometers will peak at around 42 degrees Celsius. 

So stay cool, stay hydrated, and maybe keep an ice cream handy for good measure!

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