No Home Delivery: Riders Expected to Stay Out of the Rain

In Abu Dhabi the adverse weather warning has left home delivery riders warned to stay out of the rain.

With safety as their top priority, Abu Dhabi Police issued a cautionary notice to delivery riders and couriers in light of an impending spell of rainy weather forecasted for the capital. Urging caution and prudence, the advisory serves as a reminder to prioritise safety measures and refrain from operating during heavy rain to mitigate potential risks on the roads.

For those fortunate enough to work remotely, the rainy weather forecast in Abu Dhabi may disrupt the usual convenience of ordering food delivery during mid-day hunger pangs. Abu Dhabi Police’s advisory extends to couriers and quick commerce operators, urging them to monitor weather updates through official channels. Issued with rider safety in mind, this morning’s alert underscores the importance of staying vigilant and prioritising safety measures amidst changing weather conditions.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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