What’s on the horizon for private aviation this summer?

Private aviation has soared to new heights after the pandemic. Formerly the No. 1 choice for business travel, private aviation is no longer perceived as the gilded chariot for businessmen, CEOs and VIPs. As consumers are looking for safer ways to fly, private aviation has emerged as the preferred mode of travel for many individuals.

While some flyers may have previously avoided private airfare due to the high cost, the increased safety, hygiene and ease of travel has convinced potential customers that charter flights may be well-worth the money.

Instead of waiting in long queues, private jets offer a more exclusive experience, with minimal contact with other people. Flyers also have the luxury of waiting at private facilities or enjoy add-ons like pick-up and drop facilities, which minimizes contact with staff and other flyers.

Furthermore, as many leisure travellers are looking for experiential holidays to remote destinations, private aircraft are the preferred choice since they can fly into smaller and more remote airports that commercial airlines cannot access. This allows private aircraft to fly direct routes to a passenger’s destination of choice.

These obvious benefits have encouraged many individuals who could afford to fly Business or First Class to consider a more exclusive journey on a private jet. This is in stark contrast to the private aviation industry pre-pandemic, which was dominated by corporate clientele. Everyone else simply viewed private jets as an unattainable or a bucket-list item. Things couldn’t be more different this summer.

Growing trust in private aviation

Even as global vaccination drives gained momentum, many people were still wary of commercial aviation in 2021. Fast forward to 2022 where the influx of private flyers on personal trips has increased. Families, in particular, found that private aviation was a safer and more luxurious way to travel. The type of clientele on private jets has evolved too – from business travellers to couples and families – looking to recharge after the lull of the pandemic.

These new and affluent flyers have different requests and concerns from business flyers. Private jets are more than ready to meet their needs – including offering access to the latest technology to stay connected during their flight, entertainment systems for families with children, pet-friendly interiors, live destination updates and the latest health alerts.

Operators are also expanding or adding new routes, offering more competitive group fares and curating more experiential itineraries to woo customers this summer. Many have changed their marketing efforts, which earlier focused on the luxury experience and quicker flight time to the increased safety and hygiene that private jets offer.  

The Middle East region, especially the UAE, has a large and captive audience for bespoke holidays. According to the latest Henley Global Citizens Report, the UAE is set to attract the largest number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in 2022, as affluent investors and their families explore more lucrative countries to relocate to as a result of political instability and conflicts in their home nations.

This is a windfall for private aviation operators, who are looking at an exceptionally bright summer ahead of them. Delta World Charter (DWC) has already reported strong growth in Q1 2022, generating over US$26mn in revenue between January and March this year.

Going beyond the summer of 2022, there will be a general shift in passengers’ views of private aviation, as more see it as a necessary expense to keep themselves safe. Operators will adjust their marketing efforts to promote the benefits of flying on a private jet, as they look for ways to iron out issues that could hamper growth, including rising costs as a result of insurance and fuel. But these are minor setbacks in what is shaping up to be a very promising year for private aviation.

Delta World Charter (DWC) is a leading air charter broker company founded in 2014 by Dmitriy Korshunov. DWC provides tailored solutions of private jets, cargo freighter and commercial aircraft charter. Whether it’s for business, leisure, group charter, emergency evacuations or ensuring critical air cargo is delivered in time and within the regulatory framework, Delta World Charter can provide professional air charter options. The company offers bespoke solutions to fit client’s requirements and preferences – cost-effective, time-critical, and hassle-free.

Headquartered in Dubai, Delta World Charter’s breadth of coverage and global network of aircraft gives its clients access to over 60,000 aircrafts.

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