Palm Power – The Future of Payments

Get ready for the next leap in futuristic technology straight out of a sci-fi film, coming soon to the UAE.

This is contactless payment taken to the next level.

Imagine this: no need to hold your card or phone to pay. Instead, simply hover your palm over a device, and it will read your palm prints to authenticate your payment. It’s a groundbreaking advancement that promises to revolutionise the way we make transactions.

This week at the Dubai FinTech Summit, Astra Tech unveiled its groundbreaking Palm Pay technology patent, marking a significant leap forward in payment innovation.

The patent for palm payment in the MENA region is a testament to the ingenuity of this UAE-based company, known for popular services like Botim, PayBy, and Rizek. With Palm Pay, Astra Tech continues to push the boundaries of technological advancement, bringing cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of the financial industry.

Astra Tech, based in Dubai, has announced that its contactless palm recognition service will revolutionize payments by allowing customers to make effortless transactions with a simple palm hover over a device.

This innovative technology is set to debut as early as this year, with plans for gradual implementation across the UAE via Payby, an initiative by Astra Tech.

Excitingly, the palm recognition feature will be seamlessly integrated into Astra Tech’s existing apps, such as Botim and PayBy, offering users a convenient and secure payment experience at no additional cost.

If you’re the type of shopper who loves a friendly wave, just be sure to save it for outside the payment machine in the near future.

While palm payment has already made its debut on the Amazon One device in the United States, Astra Tech’s patent marks a groundbreaking first for the Middle East.

This announcement coincides with an eventful week in technology, with Abu Dhabi testing the first flying taxi drones carrying passengers and experimenting with a petrol robot. The future has truly arrived!

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