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The Insider Reviews: Greek Odyssey MIYA DUBAI  

We’ve heard great things about this stunning Greek eatery at Bluewaters, so we went to find out for ourselves

Located amidst the lively atmosphere of Dubai Bluewaters Island, Miya is a Greek restaurant that takes diners on an unforgettable journey through the tastes of the Greek Islands. From the moment we stepped in, we were captivated by the warm and inviting ambiance and the promise of authentic Greek flavours. 

Our culinary journey began with Miya’s homemade focaccia bread with cherry tomatoes. This experience was made truly special by the attentive waiter who arrived with a fresh bunch of oregano, with a deft snip of his herb scissors, he skilfully cut the aromatic herb onto a dipping plate, the final touch was the drizzle of the authentic Greek olive oil over the freshly cut oregano, resulting in a dip that perfectly complemented the warm, freshly baked, fluffy bread. It was a simple yet elegant detail that set the tone for the culinary delights to come. 

To whet our appetites, we indulged in aperitifs that showcased Miya’s creativity in mixology. The Plum Gimlet, with its blend of plum wine and homemade lime cordial, offered a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess. The Lillet Spritz, a refreshing concoction of tarragon, Lillet Blanc, peach, prosecco, and a hint of elderflower, invigorated our palates with its herbaceous and fruity notes. These expertly crafted cocktails provided a perfect prelude to the vibrant flavours of Greek cuisine. 

Moving onto the starters, we were treated to a symphony of tastes and textures. Miya’s creamy tzatziki, with its refreshing blend of yoghurt, cucumber and garlic, provided a cool and creamy start to the meal. The Ramiro pepper stuffed with succulent bluefin tuna and accompanied by a creamy tonnato sauce, which perfectly balanced salty anchovies, lime, garlic and creamy mayonnaise, showcased the restaurant’s commitment to innovative flavour combinations. The beef carpaccio, thinly sliced striploin topped with parmigiano, was a delight, tender and bursting with flavours and the accompanying home baked Kouluri bread topped with sesame seeds was served as a perfect vessel to enjoy these mouth-watering creations. 

For the main course, we embarked on a journey of Mediterranean flavours. The roasted octopus, baked with a medley of vegetables encased in a pastry crust, was a true showstopper. The server’s expert opening of the pastry at the table added an element of excitement and theatre to the dining experience. The tender and succulent octopus, combined with the rich flavours of the vegetable stew, created a harmonious marriage of taste and texture. Equally impressive was the chicken souvlaki, served on a skewer and expertly removed by the server onto a plate adorned with a salsa verde. The juicy chicken, infused with the vibrant flavours of the salsa, delighted our palates with every bite. 

Throughout the meal, we enjoyed a lovely Australian shiraz that paired beautifully with the bold flavours of the main course. Adding to the enchanting ambiance was the clarinet player, whose soulful melodies and Greek tunes filled the air and transported us to the Tavernas of Greece. 

Miya offers indoor and outdoor seating, allowing guests to choose their preferred dining atmosphere. Upstairs, a more intimate seating area overlooks the main kitchen, giving diners a glimpse into the craftsmanship at work. On the main floor downstairs, a smaller kitchen next to the beautiful bar adds a picturesque touch, with authentic wood logs placed above the oven, infusing the space with warmth and authenticity. The view was equally spectacular and overlooks the ocean and the skyline of Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the iconic Dubai Marina made all the more beautiful with all the twinkling lights at night. 

As a fitting end to our culinary adventure, we savoured the Milhoja, a Greek take on a mille-feuille. Generously portioned and meant for sharing, this decadent dessert featured layers of crispy puff pastry and luscious cream and custard, a sweet indulgence that left us thoroughly satisfied. 

No Greek experience would be complete without a touch of tradition. As we lingered over our wine, our waiter surprised us with plates to smash. Joining the other guests in this joyful custom added an element of excitement and camaraderie, making it a memorable conclusion to a wonderful evening. 

Miya is more than a Greek restaurant – It is an immersive journey into the vibrant flavours and traditions of Greece. From the moment we entered until the last plate was smashed, every detail was meticulously executed to ensure a truly unforgettable dining experience. With its delectable cuisine, warm ambiance, and attentive service, Miya has undoubtedly earned its place as a much visited destination for Greek food enthusiasts and those seeking a memorable culinary adventure in Dubai Bluewaters. 

For more information or reservations visit https://miyadubai.com/ or Instagram @miya.dubai

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