The UAE is blasted with rain, hail and wind and it’s not going away anytime soon…

The NCM (National Center for Meteorology) has warned told the residents of the UAE to take caution with vehicles in the rain and even to avoid driving if possible

Residents are advised :

  • Avoid driving unless absolutely necessary. If necessary, drive with caution, and remain vigilant and alert to ensure the safety of all road users.
  • Turn on low-beam headlights when visibility is reduced.
  • Follow weather forecasts via official channels and be ready to comply with instructions issued by relevant authorities.

We can expect 40 kilometre winds, rough seas and blowing dust not to mention flooded roads as sustained rain is expected. The NCM also reported light rain over Fujairah corniche and moderate rain over Kalba.

The lowest temperature reported so far was on Tuesday recorded at  2.8°C at Jebal Jais Mountain. On Monday, the UAE Ministry of Interior issued warnings as rain and stormy weather continue to move over parts of the country.

Warnings were issued on social media urging motorists to be careful while driving due to scattered showers of varied intensity and limited visibility. A large number of residents in the Emirates took to social media to share videos and images of the rain and hail close to them

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