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On Review : The New 2020 Audi 7 seater The Queen Q7

What is it?

It’s the new Q7, well actually, it’s the same chassis but everything else is new so that’s new in our book. You get the new 3.0 Twin Turbo power house with 380HP, plenty of torque, a completely new interior and that class leading space-ship-cockpit dashboard.

What is it like ?

In one line ‒ classy understated luxury for you and 6 other people, or just yourself.

The Q7 feels like a completely new model (we drove the previous on launch) ‒ it’s a large SUV but doesn’t come over too imposing. It has superb visibility but you don’t get the I’m-a-goldfish-on -display-for-all-to-see’ syndrome that others this size have.

The trunk is huge and can pop up 2 extra seats at the push of a powered button to make this a bonified 7 seater. It’s nice to drive, and the air suspension (drive-select) is wonderfully comfortable. You can mess with the different modes if you like, but what’s the point? Select auto and let the Q7 decide what degree of luxury you should be in based on your driving style. The Audi Q7 is happy to take on roundabouts and tight corners without anyone accusing you of owning a boat.

The drive-select keeps the Audi Q7 flat-ish to a degree but it’s the absence of a nose heavy V8 that makes this new Audi Q7 drive so enjoyable. We never thought that we would say it – and we do oh, so love the boost from the twin turbos –  but although we didn’t bond with this new engine in its RS form, it’s a perfect fit here

Powered folding seats

From a short distance it is genuinely hard to fathom that this is a 7 seater. The mass appears when you are only about to get in. Line the Audi Q7 up against the competition in its class and despite a great round up, the Audi Q7 is considerably more modern.

What’s not to like?

For the Audi Q7 itself there really is nothing of note to not like here: it’s a class act. However, competition in this segment is strong.

Shall I think about it?

Skip that the new Q7 goes straight on to the test-drive list, and you will be glad you did.

What about options?

The rear-wheel steering, acoustic glass, and Audi’s phone box with wireless charging are essential. The cabin is large so the B&O upgrade is well worth it too. Otherwise a lot of options come as standard.

Base model starts at $83,378 USD

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