Singing in the Rain: Two Weeks Heavy Weather Prediction for UAE

Expect light to heavy rainfall, winds and even hail in some areas.

Residents of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah should brace themselves for unsettled weather conditions over the next 48 hours, as heavy rainfall is expected in these areas. According to Dr. Ahmed Habib from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), convective cloud formation is currently occurring, which is likely to intensify over the coming hours. This could lead to significant rainfall and even the possibility of hailstorms in certain areas. Rainfall has already commenced in some parts of the UAE, particularly along the coast, with the weather expected to deteriorate further by this evening.

“Thunderclouds accompanied by strong winds will surround the region, reducing visibility across the eastern parts of the country. Abu Dhabi is already experiencing a wind speed of 1000km/hr,” said Dr. Ahmed.

It appears there might be a misunderstanding or an error in the reported wind speed of 1,000 km/hr in Abu Dhabi. Such a high wind speed is highly unlikely and would indicate an extreme weather event, which is not consistent with typical weather patterns in the region. It’s essential to verify information from reliable sources to ensure accurate reporting of weather conditions.

Two Upcoming Unstable Weather Waves

The longtime weatherman stressed that the first wave would continue until Tuesday morning.

“Starting Tuesday afternoon in the western region of the UAE, a new wave will gradually advance towards Abu Dhabi. By afternoon and evening, it will progressively spread to the northern and eastern regions of the UAE, including Al Ain.”

Keeping track of weather alerts and advisories is crucial for residents’ safety, particularly during periods of unstable weather conditions. It’s essential for individuals to stay informed and follow any instructions or precautions provided by authorities to ensure their well-being.

RAK Schools Announce Remote Learning in Response

Transitioning schools to remote learning and temporarily shutting down parks and beaches are prudent measures taken by the Ras Al Khaimah authorities to prioritise public safety during anticipated adverse weather conditions. By implementing these precautions, they aim to minimise the potential risks posed by the weather and ensure the well-being of residents and visitors alike.

“By evening and into the night, this scenario is expected to escalate. Unstable weather condition begins over the Western areas and moves towards Abu Dhabi and the Northern and Eastern areas, where the amount of convective clouds increases, associated with rainfall of different intensities leading to a decrease in temperature, accompanied by lightning and thunder, and a probability of hail over some areas,” Habib added.

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