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New hanging ‘Floating-Glamping’ experience set to open in Sharjah…

Another first for the UAE and surprising twist for camping-glamping hiking and outdoor warriors. In the Sharjah mountains a new retreat is coming under Shurooq (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority) and designed by Argh Architects

But wait does this not look a little familiar?. Well yes it does, those that are familiar with cliff camping will already be aware of the activity. So this project is inspired by just that.

The project “is inspired by the practice of cliff camping and aims to make this exciting adventure more accessible to the general public,” the Ardh website reads.The tents themselves will have beds, electricity and best of all heating.

The Floating Retreat will also offer guests to experience a wide range of things to do during their stay.  This includes mountain climbing and wadi treks. The operating times are set to be November to May as to avoid the peak heat months.

The website points out the main goal is to “Re-energise the local community through tourism, by providing a space for people to connect with the natural beauty of the region and to learn about its rich culture and heritage.” Added to that, it seems an ideal way to connect with nature and escape the pace of everyday life. How you reach your tent, what happens when it gets windy or if it rains remains to be seen but its saves on loading up the car, messing about with tents so we can wait to see more.

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