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The Insider Reviews: City Social Brunch at Grosvenor House

A schmoozy brunch with real champagne and delectable cuisine.

Situated in the prestigious Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, City Social offers a brunch experience that combines breathtaking panoramic views of the Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and the iconic Burj Al Arab with an exquisite culinary journey curated by renowned chef Jason Atherton. From the moment we arrived, the welcoming and friendly staff made us feel like valued guests. We were promptly offered a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne, setting the tone for an extraordinary dining experience. As soon as you enter, the ambiance was simply captivating and I was immediately drawn to the fabulous staircase, which added a touch of elegance to the space. The main bar is cleverly situated underneath the staircase, creating a unique and visually appealing focal point.

The attentive and friendly waiting team ensured that our every need was met, bringing each dish to our table with care and attention. We started our brunch adventure with the aged beef tartare, a delightful combination of flavours featuring pickled shimeji, miso mayonnaise, and salt and vinegar croutons. The freshness of the ingredients was evident in every bite. We also savoured the Scottish salmon with king crab, complemented by cucumber, dill, and trout eggs, as well as the fried spiced chicken with a tantalising Dallas sauce. Each dish showcased Chef Atherton’s skill and creativity.

The establishment’s abundance of windows allowed natural light to flood in, creating a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. As I enjoyed my meal and vying for my attention I was mesmerised by the breathtaking views outside.

During the first course, a server approached our table with a beautifully decorated trolly carrying shots of spiced bloody mary mix. The balance of flavours and spiciness was spot-on, further enhancing our dining experience. As we moved to the next course, we were greeted by a seafood feast. Scottish muscles, poached black tiger prawns with marie rose sauce, the fresh scallop ceviche with avocado and wasabi salsa were presented beautifully on a bed of crushed ice. To our delight, the head chef emerged with a trolley of additional seafood options, allowing us to indulge in more of the ocean’s treasures, expertly plated right before our eyes.

Before transitioning to the main course, another server arrived with a trolley offering passion fruit shots. The refreshing and tropical flavours were a perfect palate cleanser, and we may have had more than one! With our appetites renewed, we eagerly awaited the main dishes. The roast cod with piperade; a tomato and green pepper sauce from the Basque region, this was accompanied by a parsley and shallot salad, a truly harmonious combination of flavours and textures. The black Angus beef rib eye, served with smoked maître d’hôtel butter, delighted our taste buds with its tenderness and rich flavour. The aged parmesan risotto with braised trompettes provided a satisfying vegetarian option, while the side of Koffman fries and green beans added a delightful crunch to the meal. Throughout this culinary journey, we were entertained by a talented musician who serenaded us with his saxophone and then his bongo drum, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

To complement our meal, we ordered two delightful cocktails. The classic mimosa and the rhubarb-infused Aperol spritz, known as the Rhubaperol spritz, were mixed to perfection, adding a touch of sophistication to our brunch experience. As we reached the dessert course, we were treated to a selection of delectable treats. The cheesecake choux bun, the white chocolate and coconut panna cotta, the apple doughnut with its delicious icing sugar all pleased our sweet tooth. The waiter then poured a velvety custard over the apple doughnut, elevating it to new heights.

During the dessert course, two trolleys made their way from table to table. One presented a tempting array of British cheeses, accompanied with crackers and apple chutney. The other showcased a magnificent chocolate cake, ensuring that those craving a final sugar rush were not disappointed. The attentive waiters ensured our glasses remained topped up throughout the afternoon and the extra attention to detail of folding guests’ napkins when they left the table was wonderful to see. Furthermore, the clean and well-maintained washrooms were overseen by a friendly attendant.

Overall, our experience at City Social exceeded our expectations. The combination of stunning views, attentive service, and exceptional cuisine made for an unforgettable brunch. Chef Jason Atherton’s culinary expertise was evident in every dish, and the live entertainment added an extra layer of enjoyment. The attention to detail, from the impeccable service to the clean facilities, further enhanced our dining experience. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Dubai, and enjoy the culinary arts, City Social at the Grosvenor House Hotel is a must-visit destination for a truly memorable brunch experience.

For more information or reservations, please visit their website or their Instagram @citysocial_dubai  

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