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Worlds largest outdoor artwork to be built in Liwa desert

Made from thousands of barrels The Mastaba actually looks similar to a sand dune and will be 150 meters high

The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude were known in the art world for creating interesting sculptures. Working as husband and wife they wrapped the Reichstag building that houses the lower parliament of Germany in the mid nineties. Then In 2021 they decked L’Arc De Triomphe in ribbons and caused a polarizing across the nation.

Sadly Christo past away in 2020 and his wife in 2009. Not to let death get in the way of their work they left instructions to keep building artworks. One of them is to be the biggest of all time. Made from thousands of barrels and roughly the same size as a well known sand dune in Liwa it will be quite a sight

The idea first came about in the late seventies as husband and wife team had spent time in the UAE. Out of all their work Mastaba will be the only work that’s permanent. Literally leaving their mark on the worl The pair first came up with the idea in 1979 after a visit to the UAE. Despite creating art for all of their adult lives, this piece will be their only permanent structure. The giant trapezoid will reference traditional Islamic architecture, along with several of their previous works.

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