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True Sensorial Masterpiece For Hennessy X.O

Inspired by the movement of light on the Charente river, Hennessy X.O commemorates its 150th anniversary with a limited edition Frank Gehry-designed bottle of cognac.

Hennessy X.O commemorates its 150th anniversary with the launch of an all-new 24 carat gold-dipped bronze bottle. Inspired by the movement of light on the Charente river, this sculptural decanter crafted in collaboration with esteemed architect, Frank Gehry, comes enclosed in a fractured glass glorifier, showcasing a strikingly unique texture of crumpled, shimmering gold with translucent glass.

Frank Gehry Crafts a True Sensorial Masterpiece For Hennessy X.O

Based in the heart of the Charente region, Hennessy X.O shares a long-lasting love affair with the mesmerizing southwestern river – a history which is apparent in Frank Gehry’s sentimental design. Deeply considering the rich customs, composition, and art of distillation of the storied Hennessy X.O Cognac, as well as taking into account the savoir faire heritage of the Hennessy Maison, Frank Gehry successfully creates a true sensorial masterpiece.

Cast in bronze to replicate the Charente’s authentic surface texture, the glass glorifier was then dipped in gold to represent the flickering of light, whilst its crumpled shape was painstakingly chiseled by hand in order to paint an image of pure emotion, still movement, and visual poetry.

Expected to produce an exclusive and limited run of 150 extraordinary numbered decanters, imprinted with Frank Gehry’s signature, this extra special bottle of cognac pays homage not only to Hennessy X.O, or the Charente river, but to a series of corrugated cardboard furniture Frank Gehry designed in the 1970s.

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