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Haven’t tried the brunch at North 37 St Regis The Palm?. We have and here is how we got on …

You are warmly welcomed and handed with a refreshing Aperol Spritz when you enter into Cordelia’s sleek and contemporary design of gold and marble accents,  invitingly drawing you in as quickly as it draws your attention out. Bifold doors opens all the way to either sides. Bringing the outdoor in with a lovely lap pool in front and a view of The Burj al Arab in the distant and chaise lounges to the side.  

The North 37 Mediterranean Brunch is a vast sea of chilled oysters, king crab legs, perfectly poached prawns, mussels and poached calamari. Our chilled proseccos never went below the half way mark and perfected Negronis (single, large square ice cube in short tumbler) was intictingly offered. Only after a few days that I recollected that there wasn’t any sushi. So clearly it wasn’t missed as the endless array of other choices were infinite. 

A very notable dish was the salt encrusted, oh so succulent melt-in-your-mouth salmon with champagne cream sauce. It was utterly exquisite to the point that we asked for our own portion after the shared first portion. That in itself is worth getting gluttonous for.  And that of the amazing service from genuinely friendly and attentive servers. 

The musical theatrical Intro of the theme song of Game Of Thrones was dramatically performed by a duo of violinist that I’ve not experienced at any brunches before and I’m a seasoned Pro, hands down. They were certainly charismatically entertaining and talented and engaged everyone.

Our next conquest was the turf side with tender lamb shanks in gravy, marinated lamb chops, roast chicken, grilled vegetables and so on. Truly was immense and you wish you could eat it all but not because you don’t want to look like a piggy but because seriously, its a brunch and all bets are off, it is due to our tummy having its limits unfortunately. We still managed to have a taste of the delectable risotto with shaved truffles too.

And if your not much of a sweet tooth you definitely could be and want to be with the yet again, endless variety of sinful desserts that temptingly lures you to it’s allure. Or you could have your rubber arm twisted, just like yours truly,  and opt for the amazing selections of cheeses and breads. 

This delicious, top notch brunch setting is just as perfect for two as it is for a bunch of friends and family enjoying one another’s company, wonderful service, view and let’s be honest, amazing food and drinks. There’s much to be said about quality over quantity as your tummy and head would thank you. You recollect the distinct dishes and drinks that leave you waiting to go back again with abated breath. 

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