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Dubai’s CE LA VI could well be heading to NEOM…

The popular sky bar and Asian restaurant known as CE LA VI in Dubai at the top of Address Sky View Hotel Dubai is looking to open in Neom as the latest location

CE LA VI is originally a concept from Singapore located at the world famous Marina Bay Sands on the 57th floor combining a rooftop restaurant, sky bar and club lounge. Other locations include HongKong Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and soon to be NEOM in Saudi Arabia although Singapore is considered to be the flagship venue

Neom the $500 billion mega project has formed various agreements with global hospitality brands to join the project. Some resorts of which are actually open this year.

The Dubai version of CE LA VI is very similar to the flagship, however the Dubai venue comes complete with a sky pool, something exclusive to the Dubai location. Both are located on the top of a sky bridge on top of a luxury hotel

CE LA VI is not just about Asian cuisine it also extends to the decor, Asian discs are located around the columns inside the venue which is considered a key design feature of the brand. No Matter what CE LA VI you experience, all offer dramatic views across their adopted cities.

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