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Heading to the UK? No need for a PCR anymore but …

Travelers must be fully vaccinated and if you are not then you do still need to take a PCR test and follow the isolation rules when you arrive

At this current moment the United Kingdom’s red list (travel ban) is empty – no one is banned from entering the UK as long as you observe the rules. Talking of rules, they change very quickly so you need to keep checking right up to departure as you might be in shock when you try to board

What is the Covid – Omicron situation in the UK?. Still not good however the Omicron variant is not as deadly as feared although it is widespread and reportedly it can still make you very ill even if you have had both vaccinations. Boosters are now required to enter the UAE and as a UAE citizen you need one to travel in the first place

The prime minister of the UK (Boris) has mainly allowed this as he fears quite rightly that people are not coming to the UK to see loved ones as they might be stuck or or worse be stuck and face hi bills for hotel quarantine.

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