Coastal calm: A tranquil stay at Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah

With sea views from every room and an enviable location on Hyatt Island, Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah offers an idyllic escape with coastal calm vibes. Appearing in the top three rated hotels in the Emirate, we took the opportunity to check it out and see what all the fuss is about…

The hotel design was the first thing that struck us; modern architecture is surrounded by waterways, palm trees and greenery and the muted neutral colours of the interior reflects the cool tones of the beach and the ocean waves lapping outside every room.

Our villa was absolutely stunning, and the modern bathroom with freestanding bathtub evoked a ‘wow!’ reaction. The huge balcony was made for relaxing to the sound of the waves and we could easily have spent hours out there.

We started with a trip to Saffar for a buffet lunch. A great variety was on offer but what particularly impressed us was the live quesadilla cooking station, something not typically seen. On spying the extensive dessert selection, we had to be sure to spare some room – not an easy feat with all that was on offer!

Lounging by the pool was next on the agenda and what maintained the levels of relaxion incited by our setting was that sunbeds were aplenty! Even at maximum capacity there were a lot of beds to choose from by the pool or on the beach and there was even a free hammock! The infinity pool was a lovely temperature and the kid’s pool’s giant turtle fountain was keeping the children cool.

For our evening meal on the first night we dined in the New York- inspired NoHo Bar & Grill. We were delighted to learn there were Dibba Bay oysters on the menu and prepared perfectly, they were fresh and tasty.

We sampled the steak tartar and tuna ceviche which were both delicious and flavoursome.  

With steak as the restaurant’s speciality, the main courses did not disappoint and the standout cut was the wagyu rib-eye. Cooked to perfection, the meat was tender and juicy. And not to forget the sides – the parmesan corn on the cob is a must order!

On the second night we headed to Lebanese inspired Levant & Nar. 360° views of the Arabian Gulf created an impressive atmosphere but it was the food that did the talking. The chicken wings had an element of sweetness that set them apart from your standard wing and the cheese pide was incredibly moreish.

The rack of lamb had a charcoal flavour from the grill and the succulent chops left us suitably satisfied. Of course we had to finish with some traditional baklava, but it was the Rumeli Tatlisi that we were raving about all night. Something we hadn’t tried before, the mixture of yoghurt custard, flavoured with gum mastic and topped with wild berries, was the perfect finisher to a delicious meal.

Something that stood out in all the eateries was the service; the waitstaff were incredibly knowledgeable and personable.

As the sun set we took a walk around the resort and what struck us was how peaceful it was. There is definitely something about the sea air that instills tranquility, and this was amplified by the hotel’s design, layout and service. We went to bed dreaming of the pancake station we would be visiting again the next morning.

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