There’s a Thunder Moon Heading to the UAE

There’s a reason behind the cool name too!

Get ready to mark your calendars because a stunning full moon is on its way to the UAE this July.

This month, brace yourselves for the majestic Thunder Moon, set to illuminate the skies next week. Here’s the scoop…

July Full Moon 2024 in the UAE After recent beauties like the Strawberry Moon and the Flower Moon, it’s time for the Thunder Moon to make its grand appearance this month.

To catch a glimpse of the July full moon, step outside on July 21st and look up – it’ll be shining bright and big in the sky.

The Meaning of Thunder Moon Wondering why it’s called the Thunder Moon? Full moons get their names from what’s happening in the natural world at the time, named by Indigenous Americans ages ago.

July Full Moon 2024 in the UAE

After delighting us with the Strawberry Moon and Flower Moon, it’s time for the Thunder Moon to shine on July 21st. Just step outside, look up, and marvel at the big, bright beauty in the sky.

Why Thunder Moon?

The name comes from the likelihood of thunderstorms this time of year. But the July full moon has a few other names too:

  • Halfway Summer Moon: It’s right in the middle of summer!
  • Buck Moon: This is when male deer are showing off their impressive antlers.

Upcoming Lunar Treats

Mark your calendars for August 19th, when the first supermoon of 2024 will grace the skies. It’s the start of a supermoon quartet, with more on September 18th, October 17th, and November 15th.

Since the last supermoon was in September 2023, these upcoming events are sure to be spectacular.

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