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The Insider Reviews: The Chedi, Muscat

 Nestled along a serene 370-metre stretch of private beach coastline, caressed by the gentle waters of the Arabian Gulf, and framed by the majestic Hajjar Mountains, lies The Chedi Muscat, a tranquil haven of luxury. 

From the moment of arrival, the resort’s warm and inviting check-in process sets the tone for a memorable stay. Welcomed by friendly Omani staff offering refreshing towels and cold drinks, guests are invited to relax in colourful, cushioned lounges within the Bedouin-inspired tent lobby, an awe-inspiring space that exudes the essence of Omani charm.

Stepping onto the highly polished lobby floor, one might feel as though they are about to walk on water. The resort’s meticulous attention to detail, infused with Omani flair, captivates visitors as they embark on a journey of serenity and Zen-like ambience. Administrative check-in is efficiently taken care of by the attentive staff, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the resort’s tranquil atmosphere from the very first moment.

Transported by a golf cart, I meandered through the minimalist architecture of low-rise buildings, thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend with the local culture and aesthetics. The landscape was adorned with elegantly manicured gardens, showcasing symmetrical simplicity at its finest. The property’s design drew inspiration from the ancient Omani falaj system, where fountains, courtyards, and waterways flowed gracefully, mirroring the historical water distribution system that nourished the land for centuries. Everywhere I turned, the soothing sound of water accompanied me, whether it was the gentle lapping of waves on the shore or the melodious trickle of fountains. This harmonious serenity evoked a sense of blissful calm akin to a harmonious blend of Bedouin charm and Zen philosophy.

The resort’s facilities were nothing short of comprehensive and exclusive, boasting162 rooms and suites along with six distinct restaurants and lounges (3 restaurants and 2 lounges operate during the summer months). The Balinese spa, featuring 8 exquisite suites, beckoned with its promise of unparalleled rejuvenation. The resort offered three inviting swimming pools, including a breathtaking 103-metre-long pool that rivalled any standalone health club. Equipped with proper Pilates machines and an expert personal trainer, the health club catered to fitness enthusiasts seeking to maintain their exercise routines even while on vacation. At the Spa, treatment rooms exuded spaciousness and opulence, furnished with private baths and expansive glass-enclosed rain showers, generously stocked with luxurious Aqua di Parma products. Additionally, the resort houses saunas and steam rooms, providing guests with a holistic wellness experience, all while boasting a stunning relaxation room offering sweeping floor-to-ceiling views of the Gulf of Oman.

The rooms themselves showcased an exquisite blend of minimalistic Asian design with tasteful Omani touches, such as intricate carvings, plush divans, and elegant hanging lanterns. Teak wood accessories, including Venetian blinds, served as a soothing and neutral backdrop to the overall décor. The Chedi Club Suites presented guests with indulgent sunken terrazzo baths, sea-facing terraces, and picturesque views of palm-dotted gardens surrounding burbling water features and serene ponds. Inside, modern luxuries abounded, including large flat-screen TVs with Bose stereo speakers, along with complimentary minibars stocked with refreshing beverages and decanted spirits, all complemented by glass jars brimming with pistachios, cashew nuts, and dried apricots, alongside a daily assortment of fresh fruits.

The resort’s trio of pools included the Serai pool, situated in the garden in front of the hotel’s main restaurant, sheltered by overhanging awnings that provided respite from the scorching sun. Currently under renovation, it promised to emerge even more captivating than before. The Chedi pool, positioned along the beach, offered an idyllic spot for leisurely lounging, serenaded by the rhythmic lull of the waves and caressed by the cooling ocean breeze. However, the most remarkable of all was the 103-metre Long Pool, the region’s longest, gracefully flanked by the spa and health club. Come evening, this impressive pool came alive with torches that cast a dramatic glow along its length, adding to the enchantment of the ambience.

Environmental consciousness was evident throughout the resort. All three pools sourced their water from a well on the grounds, which was then treated and thoughtfully distributed. The Long Pool was treated with natural salt instead of chlorine, furthering the resort’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, a water recycling plant on-site ensured that all the resort’s water was repurposed for irrigation and other eco-friendly purposes.

The Chedi’s premier dining venue, aptly named The Restaurant, presents a culinary journey like no other. With four open kitchens offering an impressive selection of Western, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines, guests embark on a gastronomic adventure in a serene setting. Breakfast is a delightful affair, with the option to dine indoors amid Omani arches, crystal chandeliers and a grand piano or al fresco in the enchanting Arabian-inspired courtyard. The Restaurant also treats guests to a Tapas Brunch on Saturday afternoons, a leisurely indulgence featuring a bountiful array of salads, cold cuts, cheese, and irresistible desserts. The highlight, without a doubt, is the real crab meat sushi rolls, accompanied by fresh salmon and tuna sashimi amongst others, followed by an enticing selection of grilled delicacies such as jumbo prawns, lobsters, and lamb chops. A perfect occasion to savour delightful moments with friends and family.

The Chedi Muscat, with its impeccable service, stunning aesthetics, and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, is an oasis of luxury where every moment is infused with tranquillity and bliss. A haven where cultural heritage meets contemporary elegance, and guests are invited to bask in the beauty of the surroundings while indulging in the utmost comfort and relaxation. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an adventure-filled getaway, The Chedi Muscat is an unparalleled destination that promises an unforgettable experience for all who enter its embrace. As I embarked on each new day of my stay, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the chance to immerse myself in this exquisite haven, where timeless charm and modern indulgence intertwined flawlessly.

It would be remiss not to highlight that, with the arrival of the summer season, The Chedi underscores the significance of seizing the opportunity to benefit from their newly introduced selection of exclusive offers, specifically designed for GCC residents.

For more information or reservations please visit their website or their Instagram

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