The UAE Scraps an Important Visa Rule

Dubai announces new visa extension rules.

The UAE is fast becoming one of the most welcoming and transient spots on the planet, with visitors coming from across the globe for work, investment, studying, living, and enjoying everything the city has to offer. Those looking to stay and apply for a residency visa often need an extension while they figure things out and get the lay of the land.

The new rule from March 2023 requires travellers to leave in order to extend their visas. The Dubai visit visa is renewable on two occasions, which will be for a maximum period of 60 days, and this costs approximately AED 600. Travellers are advised to plan for their extension properly, as the visa might take a few days to process.

With the visa extension you can now change your visa status on the same day or travel to one of the UAE’s nearby neighbors while awaiting the new document, but this change must be done through a travel agency. Whether you’re visiting friends, family, or here for something else, you may want to extend your visit, and this process enables you to do that, although you are required to exit.

The documents required including your passport copy, scanned passport photo, and sponsors documents if applicable (passport, Emirates ID, bank statement). This is a change from 2022 where visitors could renew their documents while inside the country, but now visit visas require an exit. To apply for extensions, you can visit the immigration portal directly or contact your travel agent.

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