The long wait is over, finally Disney + launches but do you need it?

In typical big budget style the Disney +  launch event happened at the Dubai Opera. Currently Disney + is in 65 global locations and is on a path to spread to the entire middle east region 

From what we have seen while on holiday where Disney + is currently streaming users will be well rewarded with an even simpler layout and easier to use system than Netflix. That’s quite the achievement in itself

So what difference is this going to make and should you subscribe? Well in a word we recommend you do, so yes. Why? A case can be made for the film content alone with over 1,200 under its belt Disney can draw on the likes of its entire catalogue, recent blockbusters such as Star Wars and of course the Marvel franchise. Then consider the TV shows, children’s content, and documentaries from National Geographic

Cost wise it’s hard to imagine the wealth of high-quality Disney + home entertainment in glorious 4k HDR at the touch of a button for the price of a coffee per month – AED 29.99, sometimes it is great to be a consumer. Not that we are comparing as again the source of content is still worthy of subscription, but Netflix is expensive in comparison and let’s not mention Amazon prime. 

The long-term question is does Disney have enough to keep you going back?. Even with an aggressive production schedule of new titles and neat features such as Imax Enhanced is it enough? New content is the key and rest assured if anyone is capable of machine like presion for turning out hits it is Disney as they are masters of their craft. Still progress moves forward as Paramount + on the horizon. Seems not much went into name creation but content wise let’s wait and see. the battle of the streaming wars has only just begun however Disney + is a wonderful addition to keep us all entertained through the summer months.

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