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The Insider Reviews: The Good News Brunch at Bushra Dubai

A Levantine dream and mystical Middle Eastern experience at Grosvenor House’s Bushra

Derived from Arabic, the name Bushra exudes an aura of favorable omens and joyous tidings. As you ascend the staircase, your gaze is drawn to a captivating swing nestled near the entrance, beckoning you to indulge in the unassuming elegance of this modern Middle Eastern restaurant adorned with a Bohemian-inspired interior design. Its vibrant ambiance, embellished with playful hues and a myriad of textures, enchants the senses, with intricate patterns adorning the tiled walls, cushions, and seating. Foliage gracefully cascades from the ceiling, accompanied by majestic olive trees that bestow a natural depth upon the space, while subtly evoking the soul of Middle Eastern culture from eras past. The ambient lighting, gentle and understated, creates an atmosphere of serenity and warmth, inviting guests to unwind and immerse themselves in the relaxing aura, serenaded by the resident DJ’s melodic rhythms, all while eagerly anticipating the arrival of the resplendent Middle Eastern delicacies that lie ahead.

Upon reaching the pinnacle of refinement, where bi-folding doors unveil two generously spacious terrace seating areas, plush couches and seats await, granting patrons a cozy vantage point from which to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Dubai Marina, seamlessly blending the outdoors with the snugness of the interior. Geographically, the Levant region extends from the enchanting shores of Egypt to the captivating landscapes of Turkey, encompassing the countries nestled along the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Levantine cuisine stands apart for its shared values, culinary techniques, and traditional recipes, encompassing an array of delectable mezze such as hummus, muttabal, as well as beloved classics like foul and kebab. The term ‘Levantine’ resonates with a vaguely exotic allure, conjuring sentiments tied to history, art, and tales of travel from the opulent days of the Ottoman Empire.

At Bushra, the artistry of the modern Middle Eastern dishes reaches new heights, elevating Middle Eastern cuisine to unparalleled realms. The journey commences with ‘The Art of Cold Mezza,’ presenting warm, freshly baked Simit bread invites guests to savor its pillowy texture as it dips into the velvety Hummus Bi Tahini, a divine concoction infused with spiced pumpkin and broad beans, crowned with toasted pine nuts. Alternatively, one may indulge in the Muhammara, a vibrant puree comprising roasted red peppers and nuts. The Fattouche salad brings a refreshing twist, adorned with avocado, Katafi crisp, drizzled with pomegranate seed molasses. Unfolding with a grand entrance, bubbling on a display of dry ice, the delicate and perfectly chilled oysters are complemented by a tangy, onion vinaigrette accentuating the oysters’ inherent brininess.

Embarking upon ‘The Art of Hot Mezza,’ one’s palate is enticed by the Turkish Truffle Pide, lavished with melted cheese and a tantalizing drizzle of black truffle and Za’atar, delivering a symphony of flavors. Delightfully crispy baby calamari, light and crunchy, is artfully accompanied by a spicy green mayonnaise for a dash of zest. However, the crowning jewel of the hot mezza selection is unquestionably the Sujuk Beef Sausages, tender little morsels of culinary bliss coated in a luscious pomegranate molasses. The experience proves so extraordinary that succumbing to the temptation of ordering a second portion requires no coaxing whatsoever. 

Transitioning to ‘The Art of Mains,’ the Mishewee Mixed Grill graces the table, presented atop a portable charcoal grill laden with succulent marinated Shish Tawook, flavorful Adana Kebab, tender Beef Filet, and tantalizing Lamb Chops, accompanied by exquisitely grilled, fragrant Jumbo Gulf Prawns marinated with Batata Harra, coriander, and chili garlic. The rich grilled meats find perfect harmony with the accompaniments of Butter Summer Tabbouleh, Tzatziki, and Saffron Rice, effortlessly balancing the robust flavors.

Concluding this symphony of flavors, ‘The Art of Desserts’ takes center stage, featuring the Middle Eastern Tiramisu infused with Turkish coffee, cardamom, and orange blossom, a sumptuous creation that delights the senses. A generous wedge of Turkish Baklava adorned with a dollop of lemon and honey ice cream tantalizes the taste buds alongside a platter of seasonal fruits and sorbet, an indulgence that unveils the depths of unbridled decadence.

To complement the brunch experience, Bushra offers an extensive drinks menu infused with intriguing Middle Eastern ingredients, including traditional spices such as sumac, nutmeg, and hibiscus. One’s journey of gustatory satisfaction is further enhanced by the likes of the Crescent, a refreshing concoction featuring Ketel One vodka, a splash of Elderflower cordial, and a dollop of lemon sherbet, adorned with slices of cucumber and sprigs of mint. The Bushra Mule, crafted with Souk vodka, agave-mango shrub, and ginger beer, presents a delightful twist on the classic mule, while the Levantine Spritz, blending Seven spices amaro, citrus ambrosia, and Prosecco, proves highly commendable. Additionally, a wide selection of white and red wines, prosecco, and rosé leave no dearth of options for connoisseurs seeking the perfect pairing.

Once again, my expectations have not only been met, but surpassed with the sheer delight of savoring the exquisitely textured Levantine cuisine that awaits at Bushra Dubai.

For more information or reservations please visit www.bushra-dubai.com/ or Instagram @bushra_dubai 

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