Let It Be – The Newest Brunch & Afterparty in Abu Dhabi Makes a Big Splash at the Grand Hyatt

Grand by name, grand by nature, the Hyatt’s superior Abu Dhabi based hotel offers incredible views inside and out, an epic brunch, liquid after party and the type of hospitality, grandeur, and class that the region is truly known for. The Insider team went to the capital city for a staycation at their Corniche location and to check out their brand-new brunch.

It’s worth mentioning that the interior of the lobby is possibly the most impressive we’ve ever seen (and we’ve been around, trust us) with unique architecture, vaulted high ceilings and unusual art. Each part of the décor represents something from the physical aspects of the country: the wavy gold wall best appreciated from certain angles to appreciate its 3D visuals is for the rippled sand dunes of the raw desert; the giant orbs hanging from the ceiling represent pearls from the ocean; and even the carpets even have a design reminiscent of water and waves. Wowsers – if even the entrance way lives up to its grand name, then we had high expectations of the rest of the visit.

A swift elevator ride later and we were in our spacious and sumptuous room (one of 428 in the hotel) complete with bathtub, raindrop shower and double sinks, with a separate toilet, a walk-in closet, kitchenette with coffee machine, sofa, desk, and balcony overlooking Emirates Palace just opposite and the sleek Etihad Towers. A quick turnaround and we headed down to the newly launched LexxB Tableside and Liquid Brunch, called Let it Be. With terrace views outside overlooking Emirates Palace and interior views over the grand lobby, sounds were provided by a sax player and live DJ, while our taste buds were satisfied with a vast selection of hot and cold starters, mains, free flowing beverages, and selection of sweets. At one point we had around eight different dishes on the table, and we didn’t know where to start! The seafood platter had a single oyster, lobster claw, mussel, giant cooked prawn, and scallop with caviar, all served with a pink sauce, while a trolley serving tuna and mango ceviche comes to your table and mixes up their starter in front of you.

There was also a delightful fresh bread and cheese platter with salamis and pickles, plus a light and creamy burrata with different chopped tomatoes, but our absolute favourite was the beef carpaccio and sour crème fraiche, Parmesan shavings and rocket – definitely one of the best we’ve ever tasted. But the starter marathon wasn’t over yet, as we were then served a smoky grilled octopus with asparagus dripping in Hollandaise sauce. For mains we were served a whole fish baked in salt – with the head FYI for the squeamish! – which was delicately flavoured with garlic and lemon. The other main dish was a tenderloin so tender (pun intended) you could have cut it with a spoon – don’t worry there was actually plenty of cutlery on site though provided by the gently smiling staff. We particularly enjoyed the baked half sweet corn served on the side and the chunk jacket potato with sour cream – an eclectic mix of cuisines for sure but one that definitely worked.

People were drifting out onto the terrace by the time dessert was served although sadly it was still a little too hot to enjoy brunch out there. Dessert was the only buffet style part of the brunch with a selection of crème caramel, pies, trifle style dishes and cakes. The rolling trolley was back again with BBQ pineapple slices and a truly decadent dark chocolate egg filled with fruit and raspberry jelly, beautiful served with a pattern of creams, sauces, and fruit selection on a plate.

The whole brunch was topped off with generously served drinks including prosecco, wines and house beverages, and a welcome drink on arrival. Unlike other brunches where the hordes descend on public serving platters like a pack of wild animals, the individual table service at LexxB felt far more elegant and upscale. After the brunch we headed next door to the bar with another live DJ and more beverages, which is open to brunch guests but also the public, which is perfect for any other brunchers looking for an afterparty.

One too many later and we staggered upstairs to enjoy a cosy night in (deliciously comfortable bed and room service) with nighttime views even better than the daytime. A quick buffet breakfast the following morning and were en route back to Dubai. The Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi is the perfect mix of being a business oriented, while also serving as a lovely city break for residents with its mix of both the elegant and the social. The Let It Be brunch is served every Saturday at LexxB from 12:30-4pm with the afterparty between 4-6pm. For reservations contact: +971 (0) 2510 1234

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