Dubai’s Petrol Stations are Getting Brand Names

Standard Emarat petrol stations will be getting a makeover.

In a significant shift, Dubai’s petrol stations are set to undergo a transformation as part of Project Landmark initiated by the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat). This project introduces the concept of naming rights for service stations, allowing companies to bid for the privilege of having their brand associated with the stations. Winners of the bidding process will see the rebranding of petrol stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates under their company name. The announcement of this change was made at the Museum of the Future over the first weekend in March, marking a novel approach to the traditional landscape of roadside petrol stations in the region.

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat), currently serving over 8,000 vehicles daily, has introduced Project Landmark, aiming to transform its 139 petrol stations by inviting partnerships from local and international businesses for naming rights. This initiative goes beyond mere sponsorship opportunities, emphasising the enhancement of customer happiness and satisfaction. Similar to the approach taken by the RTA with Dubai Metro stations, where stations are named after brands, Project Landmark reflects a modern strategy to solidify Emarat’s position as a leading oil and gas company in the Middle East. The project not only provides fuelling services but also offers amenities like toilets, restaurants, and prayer facilities to customers.

Emarat’s Director General, Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, expressed pride in launching Project Landmark, emphasising its strategic significance. The initiative positions Emarat as a pioneer, adopting an innovative, customer-centric model based on extensive scientific research and feasibility studies. Al Shamsi highlighted that Project Landmark goes beyond a commercial venture, representing a strategic ecosystem that establishes a unique partnership model. In this model, customers are recognized as key contributors to success, serving as significant economic and investment players that enhance the attractiveness of Dubai and the UAE.

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