Check Out The January 2024 Drop in UAE Gas Prices

A sweet way to kick off the New Year!

Great news for drivers in the UAE! 

The petrol prices for January 2024 just got revealed, and it’s all smiles. 

Fuel costs in Dubai are taking a dip this January, with petrol starting at Dhs2.64 per litre.

As always, UAE petrol prices play tag with global oil rates, and the good news came after the fuel price committee meeting on Sunday, December 31st. Not just petrol, diesel prices are catching a break too.

Here’s the lowdown on the January 2024 petrol prices in the UAE:

  • Super 98 petrol: Dhs2.82 per litre (down from Dhs2.96)
  • Special 95 petrol: Dhs2.71 per litre (down from Dhs2.85)
  • E-plus 91 petrol: Dhs2.64 per litre (down from Dhs2.77)
  • Diesel: Dhs3.00 per litre (down from Dhs3.19)

This news follows the drop in December 2023. 

Since 2015, the UAE has been revising petrol prices monthly, curving to the global trends. Remember when Super 98 hit a high note at Dhs4.63 per litre in July 2022? Well, we’ve been on a further downward trend since October 2023.

Peek at the price journey in 2023:

  • July: Super 98 at Dhs3.00, Special 95 at Dhs2.89, E-Plus 91 at Dhs2.81, Diesel at Dhs2.76
  • October: Super 98 at Dhs3.44, Special 95 at Dhs3.33, E-Plus 91 at Dhs3.26, Diesel at Dhs3.57
  • December: Super 98 at Dhs2.96, Special 95 at Dhs2.85, E-plus 91 at Dhs2.77, Diesel at Dhs3.19

Since the 2015 fuel price liberation, the UAE has been aligning local rates with global oil prices, and every month, the fuel price committee meets to dish out the latest rates. 

The government is hoping these tweaks will nudge more folks towards public transport and alternative fuels. 

Cheers to a wallet-friendly drive into the New Year!

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