Dubai Hatta Sign Breaks Guinness World Record

The UAE always does things bigger and better!

If you’ve been out on the popular hiking trails around Hatta you’ve no doubt come across the iconic Hatta Sign – which stands 19.28 metres it stands taller than the Hollywood counterpart in California. 

This means it’s just entered the Guinness World Records Book as the “Tallest Landmark Sign” in the world – which fits perfectly for the region’s desire to be the biggest and the best!

Perched in the stunning but rugged terrain of the Hajar Mountains, it’s quickly become a popular tourist spot for hikers and everyone wants their picture under the Hatta sign.

And just in case you were in any doubt, the Hollywood sign is only 13,7 metres compared to the whopping 19.28 metres, and like its American cousin it also lights up under the night sky, which makes for amazing viewing out in the mountains and under the stars.

Don’t forget that the area around Hatta is reopening in September, promising water sports, rock climbing, camping, glamping, and a whole lot of other outdoor fun and adventures perfect for the winter months.

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