As July Hits: UAE Announces Fuel Hike

Look out folks, fuel prices are seeing a hike over the summer

It’s official – fuel prices are on the rise.

For the month of July, all vehicles are subjected to a price increase of gas at all petrol stations. Here’s a breakdown of the increases:

Super 98 – from AED 2.95 to AED 3 per litre

Special 95 – from AED 2.84 to AED 2.89 per litre

Diesel – from AED 2.68 to AED 2.78 per litre 

Here are the UAE fuel prices for Super 98 from January 2023 to July 2023.


January: AED 2.78

February: AED 3.05

March: AED3.09

April: AED3.01

May: AED3.16

June: AED2.95

July: AED3

(These prices include % VAT).

The UAE’s Ministry of Energy first began setting UAE fuel prices based on global prices from other parts of the work since August 2015 – before that UAE residents were in a golden age of fuel costs which were lower than the vast majority of countries, as they were shielded by a government subsidy that didn’t factor global fluctuations into local petrol costs. 

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