Pocket Rocket – Things you Didn’t know You Could do with Your Emirates ID

Not just another wallet-filler, your Emirates ID is handy for all sorts of things.

All UAE residents are required to have an Emirates ID, issued alongside their residency visa, and it’s a legal requirement to have it on your person at all times.

Issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to all residents and citizens alike, most people don’t realise that it serves many purposes in addition to beING an essential type of ID that holds your biometric data, fingerprints, and basic information. 

Here are some other things you can do with it:

  • Withdraw money from the bank

As an Emirates NBD customer you withdraw cash using the NBD app on your phone, which generates a code you can use at an ATM machine to withdraw cash. If you’re with Mashreq, you can open accounts, pay bills, update personal information and withdraw and deposit cash, just by showing the ID. Meanwhile with Al Hilal Bank you can use the ID to do cash withdrawals and transfers through their ATMs.

  • Pay for bills

Paying for fuel just got easier as you can use your Emirates ID to do so. Just download ADNOC Wallet, link your ID and you can add money to your account. When filling your tank you can simply insert your IED in the card payment slot and follow the instructions on screen. This method also works for stocking up on goodies from the ADNOC Oasis store and even their car wash.

  • Health insurance card

If you don’t want to carry around your health insurance card you can simply show your Emirates ID to your service provider. They can use this to process the transaction to your insurer. 

  • Smoothly enter  DXB Airport

The Smart Gates are an automated self-service border control system that uses facial recognition to allow passengers to smoothly enter the UAE – but only from Terminal 3 at DXB Airport. The gates connect to immigration databases which know if the individual is a UAE National, from the GCC, resident, or visa-on-arrival guest.

Smart gates are an automated self-service border control system. They use facial recognition technology to identify travellers and can be found at Terminal 3 of DXB airport. You simply waltz through the self-check in area, allow your eyes to be scanned, then scan your ID, and you’re through to the airport departures area. 

  • Get exclusive discounts 

Most people don’t realise that your EID can actually also unlock incredible discounts across the UAE. This includes hotels, attractions, and other incredible deals. All you have to do is check before you book somewhere if there’s a discount and share your ID with the venue or attraction. 

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