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The Insider visits : Sola Jazz Lounge and Turns Up the Tunes

Raffles The Palm Dubai, an opulent gemstone in the city shines fantasy from fairy tales in your eyes. The marvelous dome with the colossal shimmering chandelier, finest furniture, intricate carpet and the magnificent marble pillars create a breathtaking first impression of this palace. The space has innumerable elegant angles with staircases and golden handles, and proof of this is guests everywhere capturing a piece of Dubai’s glitz for their holiday album; or just that residents need it for the ‘Gram that they have been at this fabulous hotel.

The Saturday evening, well the entire weekend, can slip away by just admiring the details and taking in the grandeur. Pulling away from this like a stubborn magnet, Sola Jazz Lounge is on the agenda tonight. Walking into a very different vibe, the lounge has inverse interiors from the hotel lobby. Dark tones of comfortable couches and chairs are spaced across the floor, all facing a large stage set-up and ready for the Evening Brunch with Jazz Tunes. 

The team is attentive in explaining the works of the event along with a menu to choose your preferred concoction. Partnering with house spirits and grapes, the menu shares space with classic cocktails as Negroni, Whisky Sour and Aperol Spritz. Having been suggested that the Whisky Sour is anything but its usual classic version, this is a leap of faith to take. The Whisky is distilled and clarified making the drink almost clear in the lowball glass. This is topped with a layer of red wine adding a beautiful border between the flavors in the glass and everything else.

Lady J and her band bring the vibrancy of Sola with jazz music filling the space. From melodious soul tunes to feet tapping numbers, the band keeps the vivacity of the venue going. Watch out for smaller acts in between the songs where the instrumentalists snatches the spotlight from the singer with an intense display of skillful art.

This evening brunch food menu encompasses unlimited servings of sumptuous and flavor-packed bar bites. The table is packed with Mac n Cheese Bites with tamarind barbeque sauce, Popcorn Shrimp Tacos, Wagyu Spring Rolls and Fried Chicken Sliders. The Sriracha Mayo adds a little extra love to the sliders making them memorable. The popular dish has to be the tacos with crunchy textures on the outside and saucy on the inside. Seconds of some of these highlights will keep the drinks rolling and the tunes flowing through the night.

The evening brunch is a smooth affair with great bites that complement the tasteful cocktails and wines. The absolute accent to the entire experience is Lady J Trio creating the magical mood with their music. Jazz music enthusiasts do not need to wait for only fabulous Saturdays to immerse in this experience, Sola Jazz Lounge has other talented Jazz musicians gracing their presence on Thursdays and Fridays too!

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