Salik Surprise – Dubai to Get Two New Salik Gates

Word on the street is that one of the new ones is in Al Khail Road, bringing the city’s number from eight to 10. 

Hey there, Dubai road warriors, brace yourselves because we’ve got some traffic tea for you. Two shiny new Salik toll gates are about to join the party on Dubai roads this November 2024. Yep, you heard it right, we’re adding a couple more checkpoints to our toll gate collection, making it a perfect ten. Let the countdown begin, and may your commutes be ever in your favour.

The two brand-new toll gates are set to make their debut this November – one is at Business Bay Crossing on Al Khail Road, and the other is rocking the scene in Al Safa South on Sheikh Zayed Road (between Al Meydan Street and Umm Al Sheif Street).

The Business Bay Crossing gate is on a mission to cut congestion by 12 to 15 percent on Al Khail Road, slash traffic volume by 10 to 16 percent on Al Rabat Street, and guide traffic to Al Maktoum and Al Garhoud bridges, along with Ras Al Khor Street.

Meanwhile, Al Safa South is flexing its toll gate muscles to trim right-turn traffic from Sheikh Zayed Road to Meydan Street by a cool 15 percent. Plus, it’s all about optimising that traffic flow on Financial Centre, First Al Khail, and Al Asayel streets.

Why, you ask? Well, Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, the CEO of Salik, spilled the beans, saying it’s all part of the grand plan to amp up Dubai’s transport game. 

“The addition of new toll gates in two increasingly busy locations marks the latest milestone in the growth plan that we set out at the time of Salik’s initial public offering. Our partnership with RTA in launching these new gates is another important step in our journey to enhancing Dubai’s transport infrastructure with smart and sustainable mobility solutions.” the CEO of Salik said at the time.

“In line with Dubai’s Urban Plan 2040, which focuses on sustainable and efficient urban growth, we are directly supporting RTA’s objective to optimise travel time and alleviate traffic congestion, and these two new gates aim to improve overall mobility throughout the city, facilitating smoother and more efficient travel for road users.”

“Salik” translates to “clear and moving” in Arabic, and it does live up to its name. This slick system, kickstarted in 2007, boasts eight toll gates scattered across the city.

You zoom through a gate, and voila! A smooth Dhs4 is gracefully swiped from your prepaid account. It’s like magic, only it’s Salik magic – keeping the roads clear, and the traffic moving. So, as much as we hate topping up (and Salik fines are painful) –  just know Salik is doing its thing, making Dubai’s roads a breeze to navigate.

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