Now you can filter your Air BNB locations by ‘island’ … so we did and here is what we found …

That’s not the only change, Airbnb has launched a stream of new features allowing users to browse based on different types of category as opposed to location. Such examples as Cave, Earth homes, Iconic cities, Historical and Windmills. These are just a few of them. The most interesting is the ‘island’ category which as it sounds means you get to see all of the islands available on Airbnb 

One quick search on the island category reveals glorious looking places to stay from Finland, Maldives, Croatia, Columbia, Brazil and more. You can either let Airbnb serve up suggestions in the list view or select the map view and choose by country.  We prefer the map view

The most interesting new category is ‘OMG’. Just dive in and a treasure trove of unusual but charming places comes up for your selection. Some of our favourites are the 727 Jungle plane, the Birdbox in Norway and Wee – Nook a hobbit hole all listed below. Fancy something more extreme? Well you can always stay at the top of a large crane. We have listed them below.

727 Jungle Plane of Manuel Antonio

Breathtaking Mountain views in cozy Birdbox

Wee Nook- a Hobbit Hole

Gulet Villa Calypso

Mystique; 5-star suite on top of the crane

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