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Pay What you Want this Weekend at City Walk

This weekend hotspot Obeli is offering guests the chance to sample their ‘Honesty Menu’ and pay what they want.

The chic all-day dining hotspot in City Walk, Obeli, is introducing a unique concept to celebrate its first anniversary: the ‘Honesty Menu’.

But what exactly is an ‘Honesty Menu’? Well, here’s the scoop: diners who visit Obeli during this special event will have the opportunity to pay what they truly believe their dining experience was worth. Yes, you read that right – it’s all about honesty.

After enjoying your meal, instead of receiving a traditional bill, you’ll be presented with a scorecard and envelope. Using this, you’ll have the chance to assess your experience and ‘contribute’ what you deem appropriate, all while providing candid feedback. And remember, honesty is key…

Your envelope will remain anonymous, and you’ll simply deposit it in a designated box as you exit the restaurant. It’s a refreshing approach that puts trust in the hands of diners.

According to Aisha Al Tamimi, the founder of Obeli, “Our honesty menu isn’t just about transparency, trust, and exceptional hospitality – it’s our way of listening to our guests, putting the power back in their hands to decide what their dining experience is truly worth to them.”

This initiative also serves as the restaurant’s method of gauging which dishes receive top ratings. The best-performing dishes will earn a coveted spot on the upcoming summer menu, allowing diners to directly influence the culinary offerings at Obeli.

So what’s on the menu?

Featuring a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean flavours, the menu boasts tantalising dishes such as wagyu beef kushi, spicy prawn bao, veal ragu lasagna, Kafir chicken, and more.

Available exclusively this weekend on May 25th and 26th, 2024, this three-course dinner includes a choice of dishes and two drinks per person. Pre-booking is required, with a maximum capacity of four people per table. For more information or to reserve your table, call 04 887 5561. 

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