Google’s next streaming device

Could swap Android TV for Google TV and get its old name back

Changes are apparently afoot in the world of Chromecasts and Android TV, with rumors that Google could be about to launch a brand new streaming device – and swap the Android TV branding for Google TV at the same time.

According to sources speaking to Protocol, Google is planning a new Chromecast-like streaming device that adds extra functionality. It sounds as though it would be more like the Nvidia Shield TV, with its own storage and operating system.

The current Chromecasts made by Google simply relay streams from the web, and are controlled by a separate phone or laptop. Up to this point, Google has mostly left the bigger Android TV boxes to third-party manufacturers.

This new piece of hardware could change that – Protocol’s sources say that the device is going to be similar to a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick, that it will focus on movies and videos rather than apps, and that it might have the Nest branding.

We don’t know when this is going to be happening, or why it’s happening, but ‘Google’ certainly has more brand recognition than ‘Android’. You may remember that Android TV was originally called Google TV, so the circle might soon be complete.

The bottom line is that Google could be about to debut a brand new streaming device, with the Nest branding instead of the Chromecast branding, and with Google TV on board rather than Android TV.

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