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The Insider Reviews: Flamboyant Flamingo Room by tashas

Indulgently luxurious with exquisite decor, Flamingo Room by tashas sweeps you on a beautiful journey encapsulating the amazing flora and fauna of Africa.

The restaurant is nestled inside the bustling Jumeirah Al Naseem turtle lagoon. It is a blend of elegance and vibrancy with a touch of African glamour, Flamingo Room by tashas invites guests to embark on a culinary experience that embodies the essence of playful sophistication. 

Step through the hefty, walnut doors with exquisitely handcrafted brass handles, your gaze will undoubtedly be captured by the resplendent crystal-studded bar. The interior design features marble furnishings adorned with intricate gold accents and a mesmerising ceiling installation inspired by the majestic baobab tree, gently transitioning through a spectrum of colours adding an extra dimension to the glamorous atmosphere. Indeed, a timeless design, the restaurant boasts a vibrant colour palette of soft pink and teal, complemented by zebra accents, sumptuous velvet chairs, and meticulously hand-embroidered cushions. Bronze animal figurines crafted in Africa add a distinctive touch to the overall ambiance resulting in an exceptional and truly unforgettable dining experience.

These interiors are naturally a draw for Instagrammers, but the food puts in an equally strong fight for its time in the limelight. Showcasing a contemporary menu of reimagined classics, along with an ambience, guests can expect to be swept away.

Prelude to our starters, we had to partake of the restaurant’s two iconic cocktails, 

The Flamingo Room cocktail made its entrance in a gracefully slender crystal glass, garnished with a charming flamingo motif. Its taste was a delightful fusion of subtle berry undertones, featuring Beefeater London Dry Gin, Lillet Rose, raspberry, lemon, and a touch of egg whites for a velvety texture. Equally captivating was the El Karoo cocktail, which tantalise your taste buds with its intriguing smoky essence, attributed to the infusion of charcoal salt.

Before delving into our appetisers, we were treated to the most exquisite bread, setting exceptionally high expectations for the forthcoming courses. For our starters, we opted for the asparagus and pea shoot salad, a vibrant medley of grilled asparagus, tender pea shoots, sun-dried tomatoes, and Parmesan, all harmoniously drizzled with a truffle and hazelnut dressing. The flavours tantalised our palates, offering a delightful balance of freshness and richness. Complementing this, we relished the lightly fried calamari, served with a zesty lime mayo and accompanied by a refreshing tomato and cucumber pickle.

Transitioning to the main course, we sampled the short rib boeuf bourguignon, a meticulously slow-cooked short rib masterpiece, served alongside an array of rainbow carrots, baby mushrooms, a rich onion jus, and creamy mashed potatoes. The flavours were nothing short of sensational, with the meat exquisitely tender and succulent. Equally impressive was the salmon wellington with kale pesto, enveloped in a flawlessly crisp puff pastry and cooked to perfection. Accompanied by savoy cabbage, beurre Blanc, and salmon roe that burst with flavour, this dish was a true culinary triumph. To enhance our dining experience, we sought the expertise of the amiable sommelier, Blessing, who recommended a sublime South African Kloof Street wine that harmoniously complemented our selections.

Throughout our dining sojourn, the impeccable service rendered by our attentive servers, Denis and Karim, elevated our evening to a truly memorable occasion. Their knowledge, attentiveness, and ever-present warm smiles enhanced our overall dining experience.

To conclude our dining experience, we savoured two exquisite desserts. First, the Cream Puffs, a heavenly delight featuring brioche dough puffs dusted in aromatic cinnamon sugar and generously filled with velvety whipped cream, accompanied by house-made jam, and served with a luscious chocolate and caramel sauce. As a final indulgence, we delighted in the Twisted Cannelé, a delectable creation inspired by the Cape Malay tradition. This Cannelé is delicately dusted with coconut and served warm, accompanied by a delightful house-made soft serve and a sweet cardamom custard.

Our evening at Flamingo Room by tashas was an enchanting and ethereal experience, reflecting the profound charm and the roots of its founder, South African-born Natasha Sideris. Embodying the brand’s deep connection to Africa, the restaurant also houses Collective Africa, a captivating retail space offering a curated collection of treasures inspired by Africa and sourced from around the world. This provides a wonderful opportunity to take home a cherished memento of your visit, allowing you to carry a piece of African nostalgia with you.

For more information or reservations please visit their website or email them directly. 

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