Netflix is going to ban you if you keep doing this …

Since the dawn of streaming time Netflix has always been extremely generous with turning a blind eye with password sharing. Since the subscription growth has slowed down and the new service which allows adds Netflix has decided to cut down the worst offenders, sharing passwords is soon going to be a thing of the past

Reported by The Streamable, Netflix will still allow accounts to be shared but only in the one household. Netflix will require shared users to all be in the same household, location or home network every 31 days. The aim is to prevent users from accessing an account if they do not live in the same household

This means that other users cannot access the primary user’s account if he or she does not live with you.

When trying to access Netflix outside of the home network the platform will prompt the user to sign up for their own account. Netflix will also block device access to the primary users account until they sign up individually. In case a device has been blocked by accident the account holder will have to contact the help centre to have it released

That should not be too much of an issue if you are signing in from your home network every 31 days as that will qualify it as a trusted device

This is the latest effort on Netflix’s behalf to reduce password sharing. CEO Greg Peters has been quoted as saying they are going through  “thoughtful experimentation to let our members speak to us in terms of what set of solutions work for them.”

So does that mean being able to log into Netflix on holiday and during travel is a thing of the past?. Will we be at the mercy of the terrible hotel and inflight content systems?. Take a breath, Netflix has thought of that. When travelling users can request a temporary code that lasts for 7 days. There we go then panic over

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