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Keep Palm & Carry On: Top 10 Travel Destinations for Eid Al Fitr 2024

With a 9-day holiday announced for the public sector, it’s time to plan an elite getaway.

Eid has been announced for April 8th and those in the public sector are getting a whopping 9-day holiday. This means there’s enough time to pack your bags and travel to a slighter further destination than the usual short breaks for Eid. We’ve rounded up some of the best destinations below for your epic vacay…

  1. Seychelles

Experience the epitome of tropical paradise in Seychelles, where sun-kissed beaches, powdery sand, and crystal-clear azure waters beckon. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking thrilling scuba diving and snorkelling escapades or simply craving relaxation at a luxurious spa, Seychelles offers the perfect retreat.

  1. Cyprus

For avid divers, Larnaca in Cyprus is a haven not to be missed. Dive into adventure at the Zenobia Wreck Diving Site, a perennial favourite in lists of the world’s best dive sites. Alternatively, if a leisurely day on the beach is more your style, bask in the sun at Finikoudes Beach, conveniently located near the city centre.

  1. Japan

Embark on a journey through Japan, where culinary delights and rich history await. Opt for the Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo route to experience a blend of exquisite cuisine, centuries-old architecture, and the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms, particularly enchanting in the early part of the year.

  1. Kazakhstan

Journey to Almaty, the capital of the Eurasian nation, and discover a wealth of activities awaiting you. Enjoy a picturesque car ride to the summit of Kok Tobe Hill, offering breathtaking views of the city below. Explore the remarkable Zenkov Cathedral, an orthodox church constructed entirely from wood, showcasing impressive craftsmanship without the use of nails.

  1. Greece

Indulge in the wholesome and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine that Greece is renowned for, and you’ll soon feel rejuvenated and energised. With your newfound vitality, you’ll be ready to embark on a sightseeing adventure in Athens, exploring iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

  1. Kenya

For unforgettable animal encounters, Nairobi, Kenya is the place to be. Get up close and personal with giraffes during feedings, witness adorable baby elephants, and marvel at a diverse array of wildlife in Nairobi National Park. With so many options, your safari adventure promises to be extraordinary.

  1. Oman

Just an hour away from Dubai, Muscat, Oman offers a perfect quick getaway. Relax at Al Qurum Beach, boasting golden sands and breathtaking turquoise waters. Explore traditional architecture at Al Alam Palace, built by Imam Sultan Bin Ahmad, and marvel at the grandeur of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, adorned with elegant arches, lanterns, domes, and chandeliers. Muscat promises a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness for a memorable escape.

  1. Mauritius

Whether you’re drawn to the mountains or the sea, Mauritius offers something for everyone. Dive into thrilling water sports like water-skiing, scuba-diving, kite-surfing, or sea-karting for an adrenaline-filled adventure. Don’t miss the chance to explore Le Morne Brabant Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history as a refuge for runaway slaves. Mauritius is a paradise waiting to be discovered, blending natural beauty with cultural heritage for an unforgettable experience.

  1. Switzerland

Embark on a cultural journey in Basel, Switzerland’s vibrant cultural capital, where art awaits at every turn and museum hopping is a must. Immerse yourself in the picturesque scenery and breathe in the fresh mountain air for an experience that must be seen to be believed. Basel offers a blend of artistic inspiration and natural beauty that promises to captivate visitors from around the world.

  1. Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam, beckons with its vibrant street food scene, bustling markets, and rich cultural heritage. Dive into the sensory delights of street food, explore eclectic markets for unique finds, and delve into the city’s fascinating history at its many museums. For a thought-provoking experience, visit the Hoa Lo Prison, a historic jail transformed into a museum, offering insights into life during the Vietnam War and the resilience of the Vietnamese people.

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