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DXB Airport Busy Warning: Early Arrival Recommended

With daily passenger numbers peaking at nearly quarter of a million a day over the peak season, travellers are advised to arrive early to avoid chaos. 

Dubai Airport International (DXB) will be insanely busy over the next few weeks, as the school summer holidays coincides with the epic six-day long Eid Al Adha holidays. According to airport sources, between June 20th and July 3rd around 3.5 million guests will go through its doors, meaning an average daily traffic of around 250,000 people. 

Airport staff are fully prepped for a surge in travellers with a quarter of a million in outbound traffic from June 23rd-25th, with last Saturday June 24th being the busiest single day with around 100,000 passengers, though this is predicted to be surpassed on July 2nd with 305,000 passengers. 

“Dubai International’s recovery has been spectacular this year as evidenced by the impressive traffic growth in the first quarter,” said Essa Al Shamsi, Senior Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai Airports. “As a result, the seasonal peaks this year are expected to be the busiest since 2019, and we are preparing ourselves accordingly.”

Emirates Airline advises passengers to arrive at the airport up to 3 hours before a flight, and make sure they take note of their boarding time and gates to ensure smooth transition. There are also multiple check-in and baggage drops happening outside of the airport to reduce time and congestion within. 

Here are some tips to make your check-in and travel experience as seamless as possible:

  1. Check-in online
  2. Do your luggage drop off in advance 
  3. If you haven’t checked-in online, use the self-service kiosks inside the airport
  4. Arrive up to 4 hours before you scheduled departure time

Now, time to get that holiday shopping in.

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