Going Green: Dubai Bans All Single Use Bags

Moving towards a more sustainable future by introducing the ban on June 1st 2024.

This move is part of a broader city-wide initiative aimed at completely eliminating single-use products to promote environmental conservation. Since January 1st, single-use plastic bags have already been prohibited in Dubai, with limited exceptions. However, the upcoming extension will encompass all single-use bags made from other materials. 

The decision, initially announced last year, has been reaffirmed by recent guidance from Dubai Municipality. Additionally, further bans are scheduled for the coming years: starting January 1st, 2025, various single-use plastic products like stirrers, cups, and straws will face city-wide prohibition, followed by a ban on plastic plates and tableware from January 1st, 2026. Non-compliance will incur fines ranging from Dhs200 to Dhs2,000 for repeated violations within a year. 

Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, a single-use plastic bag ban has been effective since June 2022, resulting in a significant reduction of single-use plastic usage in its first year.

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