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6 studio albums, 3 live albums and 24 music videos and the 11 x selling platinum selling artist is? .. James Blunt and he is coming to Dubai …

Who can forget the singer songwriter who united us is in the beauty of his voice and heart breaking and depressing words that came along with it. ‘Back To Bedlam’ his first album sold 11 million copies word wide and total over 20 million

James Blunt was originally named James Hillier Blount and was a captain in the British Army and saw action in the Kosovo region. He served for 6 years and in that time became the best skier in the Royal Armored Corps and as a teenager had a pilot’s license from the age of 16. An interesting life then,  worth going to see in our book. January the 29th Coca-Cola Arena 800 223 388 tickets start at AED 150

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