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Splash Landing – Wild Wadi to Reopen in February

The iconic waterpark is set to reopen in February with some incredible offers for locals and residents. 

Exciting news for waterpark enthusiasts in Dubai. Wild Wadi Waterpark is a popular destination, and the reopening on February 2nd after annual maintenance allows visitors to enjoy the outdoor water activities during the winter season. Located near the iconic Burj Al Arab in Umm Suqeim, the waterpark offers a variety of thrilling rides and attractions.

If you’re planning to visit, it’s advisable to check for any updates on the waterpark’s website or contact them directly for information on operating hours, ticket prices, and any special events or promotions they might have. 

It seems like Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai is taking advantage of the early weeks of 2024 for some annual maintenance and enhancements to improve visitors’ experiences. The temporary closure, as announced on their Facebook page, suggests that they are dedicated to providing a better and more enjoyable waterpark adventure for guests when they reopen on February 2nd.

Enhancements could include new rides, improved facilities, or other upgrades to ensure that visitors have an even more exciting and comfortable experience upon their return. If you’re planning to visit after the reopening, it might be worth checking for any announcements or updates on the park’s Facebook page or official website to stay informed about the latest attractions and operational details.

To kick things off for a fun-filled day, those looking to make the most of the destination’s reopening can snag 40 percent off on a day pass (for UAE residents) and 11 percent (for non-residents).

In 2023, the waterpark was closed for longer than expected – six months to be exact.

It’s great to hear that despite no new additions, the ride favourites like the Lazy River, Tantrum Alley, and Burj Surj were back in action after the previous maintenance period. It suggests that Wild Wadi Waterpark is committed to maintaining and offering a consistent and enjoyable experience for its visitors.

For more information and tickets please visit their website

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