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Iconic 25hours Hotel Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary with ‘25hours of Love’ Event

This grand celebration promises a vibrant fusion of music and community spirit, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

What’s the event for?

Get ready for a night to remember as 25hours Hotel One Central invites you to join ’25hours of Love’, a spectacular celebration marking our two-year journey as a unique hospitality concept in the region. On April 20th, from 5pm to 3am, the venue will be transformed into a vibrant haven of unity and joy, where guests can immerse themselves in the essence of love and togetherness. With electrifying beats and pulsating rhythms, courtesy of Love Moves and Just Love hosted by .just friends, every moment will resonate with the universal energy of love. Come ready to dance, laugh, and toast to the incredible journey.

Where is it?

Step into the 25hours Hotel One Central and get ready for a blast where they’ve transformed relaxation into an adventure. Dive into the vibrant world where ancient Bedouin traditions meet modern-day excitement. With breathtaking views overlooking the Museum of the Future and a stone’s throw away from Dubai International Financial Centre, the hotel boasts 434 rooms and suites, perfect if you plan to extend your night out into a staycation. But wait, there’s more – there are flexible event spaces and co-working areas to fuel your creativity. And when it’s time to eat, buckle up for a taste bud rollercoaster with five funky restaurants and bars on site, each offering a passport to global flavours. 

What about the music?

Get ready to groove with the dynamic duo of Caline and Djette at Love Moves.  With Caline’s funky vibes straight from the 80s and Djette’s Afro-inspired beats, they’re here to rock your world and get the party started!  Whether you’re into disco, French New-Wave, or West African rhythms, they’ve got you covered. Caline’s vintage fashion flair and Djette’s infectious positivity will have you dancing all night long.  Don’t miss out on their electrifying sets as they take you on a musical journey you won’t forget.

Djette & Caline

Meanwhile Just Love hosted by .just friends, they’re bringing together an all-star lineup of global sensations and local talents to keep the party going all night long. Leading the charge are the unstoppable Mr. JazziQ and Vigro Deep, known for their electrifying performances that will light up the night. Vigro Deep brings his signature blend of electro-house and Amapiano beats, while Mr JazziQ serves up infectious Amapiano vibes with an African twist. 

But that’s not all – joining them are local legends like House of Yanos, S.O.N.Y.A, Crown Prince, Colione, Audioblend, and Shefcodes, each bringing their own unique style to the mix. With this fusion of international flair and homegrown talent, get ready for a euphoric celebration of music that transcends boundaries and unites music lovers from all walks of life.

Read on for the full line-up:

Love Moves (Disco-house) at Nomad Courtyard

  • Djette & Caline

Just Love hosted by .just friends (Afrobeats – Amapiano) at Monkey Bar

  • Mr JazziQ
  • Vigro Deep
  • House of Yanos
  • S.O.N.Y.A
  • Crown Prince
  • Colione
  • Audioblend
  • Shefcodes

Mr Jazzi Q

It’s more than just a party; it’s a tribute to the incredible spirit of 25hours Hotel and two years of unforgettable hospitality. Join for a night like no other to dance, laugh, and celebrate the power of love. Early bird tickets from AED 200.

For more information please check their website or to book tickets click here

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