Fuel Prices Released for July

A sneak peak of what you’ll be paying to gas up on the roads this month!

Get ready to smile at the pump; starting July 1st, 2024, UAE’s fuel prices are dropping. Super 98 will go from AED 3.14 to AED 2.99 per litre, and Special 95 will be AED 2.88 per litre, down from AED 3.02. That’s a sweet 14fils saving per litre. However, Diesel will see a tiny bump, going up by 1fil to AED 2.89 per litre.

The cost of Diesel will increase by 1fil for July 2024, with the price adjusted to AED 2.89 per litre.

UAE fuel prices for Super 98 from January 2023 to June 2024:

January: AED 2.82

February: AED 2.88

March: AED 3.03

April: AED 3.15

May: AED 3.34

June: AED 3.14

July: AED 2.99

All prices include the five per cent VAT.

Remember the good old days before August 2015 when filling up was a breeze? That’s because the UAE’s petrol prices were government-subsidised, keeping your wallet safe from global price swings. But then came the game-changer: the Ministry of Energy started setting fuel prices based on average global rates. 

It’s been a ride of ups and downs ever since, but hey, it’s one of the things we pay for living in one of the coolest cities in the world. 

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