Stirrup Trouble – Dubai Mounted Police Fighting Crime

Over nearly 800 patrols the legal authority on horseback also issued 460 traffic notices.

Less common on the roads than your average Lamborghini, Dubai does however have an impressive mounted police force that have carried out nearly 800 patrols in the first half of 2023 alone.

Their efforts are also responsible for the seizure of 570 cars involved in criminal activity, or sought for recovery for breaching traffic rules. On top of that, they made six arrests and issued 460 traffic notices by the police from their mounted positions. 

Maj Gen Mohammed Al Adhab, Director of Dubai Mounted Police, said that emphasised the robust security strategy in the emirate that combined traditional and modern policing techniques.

“Dubai Police have a rich heritage of incorporating horses into their operations, a tradition dating back to the 1970s,” he said. “In addition to these patrols that allow mounted police officers to reach places that conventional vehicles cannot access, they are also involved in inspecting suspects, examining suspicious and abandoned vehicles and safeguarding sports facilities.”

“The centre’s horse-mounted officers ensured the security of 16 sporting matches, and relayed a total of 71 pieces of security information to the general directorate of criminal investigation.”

The department has gained international recognition from the British Horses Organisation for use of their cutting-edge methods for training programs and educating their riders. Their special training centre offers therapeutic programmes for people of determination as well as training for their mounted officers. 

“The therapeutic training division trained 79 people of determination and rehabilitated five horses,” said Maj Gen Al Adhab, and the centre is home to around 100 horses, all maintained by professional vets. 

It’s also possible for volunteers to join the team, and share responsibility for crime and create a neighbourhood watch for safety and community.

“Volunteers joined forces with mounted police teams, actively participating in 92 patrols,” said Maj Gen Al Adhab.

Things aren’t looking quite so hay-larious for criminals with the mounted police around.

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