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Celestial Extravaganza – Anticipating a Meteor Shower Tonight

An awe-inspiring meteor shower is poised to illuminate the night.

We urge stargazers to turn their gaze skyward from 11pm onwards if you’re keen on astronomy, as the celestial spectacle is none other than the Quadrantids Meteor Shower.

Despite the celestial grandeur, visibility may not be optimal due to tonight’s Waxing Gibbous moon phase, where the moon is over 50 percent illuminated but not yet fully lit. No special equipment is required to witness this celestial display, but for those intrigued by the cosmos, the Dubai Astronomy Centre is hosting an event in the Al Qudra Desert tonight until the early morning of January 4th.

Attendees, with general admission priced at Dhs120 and Dhs100 for children under 13, will have the opportunity to explore various planets and celestial objects through telescopes. For an additional Dhs50, a convenient pickup service from Centerpoint Metro Station is available for those unable to make their way to the desert after dark.

Prepare for an extended night of celestial wonders, as the event kicks off at 11 pm and concludes around 4:20 am. 

Recommended soundtrack for the evening: Coldplay “Sky Full of Stars”.

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