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Indoor Activities to Stay Cool this Summer

If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat we’ve rounded up some epic indoor excursions.

As Dubai’s temperatures soar once more, seeking refuge from the heat becomes a top priority. If indoor activities aren’t cutting it for you, fret not! Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest spots in Dubai to stay blissfully cool:

  1. Glide around Dubai Ice Rink

For a frosty escape from the scorching heat, head to Dubai Ice Rink for some icy thrills. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a novice, there are daily sessions catering to all skill levels. Plus, private lessons are on offer for aspiring skaters aged four and above. With an average temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, prepare to bundle up and enjoy the chilly atmosphere. Book your session now at Dubai Ice Rink, located in The Dubai Mall. Prices start from AED 135, find out more at

  1. Get your snow fix at Ski Dubai

Escape the heat and dive into a winter wonderland at Ski Dubai, an iconic attraction sprawled across 22,500 square metres within Mall of the Emirates. With a plethora of activities to choose from, including skiing, snowboarding, and encounters with adorable penguins, there’s something for everyone in the family. Glide down the slopes, explore the Snow Park, or brave the Zorb balls for an unforgettable experience. Prices vary depending on the activity, and you can find detailed information on their website. For those looking to hone their skills, the Ski Academy offers expert instruction to elevate your snow prowess. Book tickets at

  1. Turn yourself into a human icicle 

The Wim Hof method has gained popularity in recent years, attracting wellness enthusiasts to gleefully immerse themselves in ice baths. This method combines specific breathing techniques with exposure to freezing temperatures, promising numerous benefits such as boosting the immune system, improving concentration and mental well-being, and enhancing willpower. So, if you’re looking to challenge yourself and reap these benefits, the Wim Hof method might just be the icy adventure you need. Find a schedule here

  1. Get into a Cryochamber

Cryotherapy has become a popular treatment for athletes and wellness enthusiasts, and at Resync, Dubai’s most luxurious studio, you too can experience the benefits of this icy therapy. Clad in just your swimwear, gloves, and snug North Face slippers, you’ll step into a cryo chamber where temperatures drop to a chilling -110 degrees. Just three minutes in this frosty environment can release endorphins, create a sense of euphoria, heal sore muscles, even out your skin tone, and boost your metabolism. Book your session today and freeze your way to wellness. Prices start at AED 350, book via

  1. Visit an ice lounge

Imagine escaping Dubai’s scorching summer heat in a place where it’s always minus-six degrees. Welcome to the Chillout Ice Lounge at Times Square Center, a winter wonderland filled with stunning ice sculptures. Upon arrival, you’ll be bundled up in a thermal jacket, ready to explore and snap photos of the icy creations. To warm up from the frosty surroundings, indulge in hot soups, sandwiches, fresh juices, hot chocolates, coffee, tea, and an assortment of desserts, mocktails, and sweets. Entry is AED 49 for kids and AED 89 for adults, with a family package (two adults and two kids) available for AED 220. Open daily from 10am-10pm, check their Insta @chillouticeloungedubai

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