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Why You Have a Hurtful Hair and How to Deal With It

Painful hair. Urgh! The feeling is just unbearable. The following is a breakdown of why your hair hurts and ways to tackle it.

You are not just imagining it. It is true. Your hair is hurting and it is hurting really painfully. This is a condition that has been studied by scientists all over the world and has determined a number of common causes. It is labeled as some of the top beauty challenges that UAE women face.

Why your hair hurts

The actual cause of the hurting sensation is on the scalp. In other words, the hair in real sense does not hurt. It is the base on which your hair is attached that makes you feel the pain. The scalp has a rich supply of blood, nerve connections, and oil glands. When yeast builds up on it, you are bound to experience some form of inflammation, making you feel as though your hair hurts.

Dealing with hurtful hair

Proper washing of the hair

The hair is one of the most important parts of your body which does not need to be under-washed. Neither does it need to be over-washed. If you constantly clean it, the scalp could be dried out, inducing a flaking condition that might trigger a chronic inflammation. It would be advisable to use a gentle baby shampoo which contains avocado extract.

Know your color chemistry

Hair dye is a key cause of hair pain. When the hair dye has a pH level that does not go well with your scalp, you are bound to feel the pain. The best cause of action is to add a colorist mix that lowers the pH level.

Avoid products for a while

Regular use of products to wash your hair is bound to cause trouble. Spraying too much dry shampoo on the scalp poses great threats. It may facilitate the thriving of bacteria, which might make you feel an itching sensation.

You do not have to undergo hair pain when you are in in control of what happens to your hair.

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