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Is Nolu’s California cuisine inspired cafe the best in the UAE?

We think it is. A fresh edition to Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene sees a completely unique concept stand out in the crowd

With the current explosion of franchised eateries in the United Arab Emirates creating little food courts seemingly just cut and pasted from one location to another Nolu’s stands out as a fantastic example of what we desperate need of.

More so Nolu’s is a culmination of a family cooking history starting with Omar Khayam the first restaurant from Denver, Colorado in the 1970’s. A decade after there was a relocation to Northern California. In 1998 Salang Pass (named after the mountain pass in Afghanistan) was opened in Fremont and so the groundwork for Nolu’s was set in motion.


Marjon Ajami the owner and proprietor of Nolu’s spent her years learning her mothers trade watching her employing secret Afghan recipes to the already well established California palette with the appreciation of many. Now she weaves all of the experience into 3 locations, one down town, one mid town and one location just after Yas on your way down into Abu Dhabi.  All so all perfectly located no matter which way you are traveling.

Locations across Abu Dhabi

Lunch & dinner offer a variety of colourful dishes, Nolu’s signature burgers with greens (we should try that just once) or french fries, alongside a large choice of more mains, pasta, healthy bowls and of course signature Afghani mains. The list goes on the beverage menu features no less than 14 of Nolu’s superfood smoothies with an addition 4 of grandma’s smoothies too thrown in for good measure. Artisans coffees, fresh fruit concoctions sit by side with of course a desert menu to follow. Whatever your food preferences, casual, part time.

Healthy or 100% gym training the feeling is you could eat at Nolu’s 5 days a week for 2 months straight and never have the same combination that you had before. Oh and did we mention they do home delivery?

Nolus Downtown, The Galleria Mall, Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

Nolus Al Bandar, Al Bandar, Raha Beach Abu Dhabi

Web details: http://www.nolusrestaurants.com/

Reserve and order: 80066587 or info@nolurestaurants.com

Opening times Sunday to Thursday 9am – 12pm, Friday to Saturday 9am to 2pm

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