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Damac Properties

Since 2002, DAMAC Properties remains at the front position of the Middle Eastern luxury real estate marketplace.

Providing housing, leisure and commercial properties through the state, which comprises of the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, the United Kingdom and Lebanon.  Its award winning architecture and innovative designs make it one of the most recognized market leader in the Middle East

DAMAC Properties positions it-self as the top-notch luxury designer in the Middle East, delivering more than 24,000 homes, and a portfolio of over 40,000 units at different phases of progress and being recognized as the highest end of stylish living. This also includes 10,000 hotel rooms, villas and hotel apartments controlled by the DAMAC Hotels & Resorts.

DAMAC Properties takes immense pride for uncompromising its dedication to perfection. This is the reason why DAMAC Properties is known as one of the leading designers in the luxury real estate market in the Middle East.

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