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D.I.V.E into the wonderful Kandima Maldives atoll with an interactive 360 video

Be instantly transported to the wonderful Maldives with this interactive 360 video by the Kandima Maldives resort. The immersive experience is truly captivating and gives you a real flavour of the paradise that is Kandima’s private atoll.

Kandima D.I.V.E (Digitally Immersive Virtual Experiences)

We have just spent an amazing half hour in the Maldives! Not physically of course but exploring the delicious atoll of the Kandima resort in a 360° interactive 3D video. It’s easy to see how a body could get totally lost in this wonderful island paradise.

Outside, the background is the turquoise sea and white sands under blue skies that you’ve seen in so many photos. Inside you explore all the facilities and examples of the types of accommodation. Choose what you want to experience from the list of locations.

A private atoll for you to explore

The upscale Kandima Maldives resort has its own private atoll almost 2 miles long (3 km). That’s 2 miles of pristine beach. There are 266 studios and villas, all with furnished patios, great amenities and panoramic views.

Kandima is always innovating, from a dedicated desalination plant that supplies all its fresh water to a real total recycling environment-friendly program. This 360 video is the latest innovation and is a pretty compelling experience.

What you see is what you get

D.I.V.E is a multi-sensory journey through an interactive 360° virtual world. The video presents real visuals and walk-throughs from different experiences or decks across the resort. The view between the tropical shrubs to the aquamarine sea is glorious.

You can move around the camera without limits and control what you see. Follow the action with a multi-dimensional sound experience. Watch a sequence and click any time to change perspective.

It’s at its special best if you use a Virtual Reality headset, such as Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift but it’s great too on a phone, tablet or laptop.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a 360 degree video worth?

Transport yourself to the enchanting beauty of the Maldives. Spend a few minutes wandering around the Kandima resort atoll. You will be reinvigorated and upbeat just imagining yourself there. Take our word for it.

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Kandima D.I.V.E (Digitally Immersive Virtual Experiences)

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